This particular story and its related story series, I hope, will eventually form the basis for a Role-Playing series of some sort called The Royal Mysteries. I haven't exactly decided what kind of Role–Playing series it will be yet, readers. A lot will quite obviously depend on those of you who might actually choose to participate in it, of course. However, I will still establish certain basic guidelines for this story, and for its related story series, so that there is as little confusion here as is currently possible for it, or them, readers. There are to be no gay, lesbian, or hermaphroditic relationships of a supposedly romantic/physical nature, for instance. All language used is to be kept no higher than roughly PG-13 / T level, at least in terms of the text that will be used to create this story and its related story series. At least in terms of me putting it up here on , anyway, if not more than that. I, for instance, won't use any obscenities, vulgarities, or profanities in this story and its related story series at all, at least on here, anyway, people. Even if such language appears on any other site connected to this series and its various stories, I won't use it in any text related to it that's posted here.. All parts of this story and its series will be periodically checked for such words and other possibly objectionable content, as I might deem necessary, at any time at all. And any number of parts may be edited at any time, if and whenever necessary, before I'd eventually post them here, due to the fact that I'm the originator of this story series, for your information. However, people, please be assured that I still will honestly do my best to be fair and open-minded, if and whenever possible, while this particular story series is still in progress here.

This story and its related story series will feature numerous characters, readers. I'll be writing the sections for at least two major characters in this particular story by myself, if not more than that, if and whenever possible. There'll be at least six main characters for this story and its related series, if not more than that, and they're listed below, with their current statuses, if they're known of at the current time, people. They'll be noted as Open, Taken By Me, or Assigned Characters as often as needed, for that matter. All characters in this story and its related story series are actually my property, though, unless otherwise stated. If any of you might actually wish to be them, please let me know in your reviews. I am not currently accepting anonymous reviews for any of my stories, so you will need a registered account at in order to review my stories. There is a good chance that there will be more than one person submitting for a character. If this situation arises, I will choose who will get the character based on the best application. Although I will be writing for at least six main character parts, at least for the time being, each successful applicant will be permitted only one main character. However, I may permit you to have other characters in time. If you eventually do actually get assigned a main character here, then I'll also need to know how to reach you, readers, for all the obvious reasons. So please be sure to let me know what I'd then need to know to inform you of that fact, if and whenever possible.

Main Characters (To Date):

Robinson Thomas Rolando Bradford (Character Taken By Me):

Circa 25 Terran years of age/Human Male

Born Inverness, Scotland, Earth, February 1979

The lonely, depressed wanderer.

Description: He is of average height and weight, with a moderate build, light-colored skin, and wide blue eyes. He has mid-back-length night-black hair that is thick and straight, and is worn flowing like a river. He has a well-trimmed beard and moustache. His wardrobe is largely mysterious and unique, with blue and red being the predominant colors of his garments. Not much is currently known about him and his circumstances by a lot of people in his life, it seems.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ariel Cross (Character Taken By Me)

Circa 24 Terran years of age/Human Female

Born Jerusalem, Israel, Earth, January 1980

The misunderstood priestess who is from an unusual family line.

Description: She is of average height and weight, with a moderate build and a moderately athletic build to herself. She has a light to medium skin tone/color for herself, in fact. Her auburn/black hair falls to about mid-back-length for her, and it is normally worn completely unbound, if and/or whenever possible and/or desired by her. But when she can't do so for any reason whatsoever, she often wears her hair in a ponytail or in pig-tailed braids, if and/or whenever possible. She has medium green eyes. She is/was a gymnast. She has a Bachelor's degree with majors in Political Science and Theology and minors in Journalism and Computer Science from the University of Minnesota's Duluth campus. Her favorite colors are navy blue, dark brown, white, and green. Not much else is known about her by most other people in her life at the current time, it seems.

Jonathan Reginald Hansen (Character Taken By Me)

Circa 21 Terran years of age/Human Male

Born Halifax, Canada, Earth, September 1982

An unathletic bodyguard who is more than meets the eye.

Description: He is slightly shorter and slightly lighter than the average Canadian male of his age and race, most likely, but he still has a mostly moderate build for himself in his life. His skin is light-colored with a tan gradually starting to develop as time goes on for him in his life. He has dark brown eyes that are somewhat reminiscent of dark chocolate candy bars, at least in the colors present for his eyes and for the aforementioned candy bars . His just-past-shoulders-length hair is somewhat bushy and mostly dark brown with just a few touches of deep purple in it, as well. His wardrobe is generally classy with a mostly red and black color scheme, if and whenever possible, in fact. He often gardens, whenever possible, in his rather limited spare time. He is a man of few words, if and whenever possible, in his life. He works as a bodyguard for various celebrities and other famous people, whenever possible, though not all the time, in fact. He is an expert in several martial arts, including Karate. When people first see/meet him, they often think he's not as strong as he really is, in several, if not many, respects in his life. Also, don't ever get him or those close to him, either professionally or personally, too mad or in too much danger, or you might die in rather short order, if he can take you out at all somehow. He may also, at times, be rather stubborn and/or rather nosy, in his life.

He has spent most of his life in the Halifax area of Canada on Earth. And he is currently based out of the Halifax area of Canada there, as a matter of fact. But he has also been known to be in other places such as Accra, Nairobi, Manila, Tokyo, and Moscow, for just a few of the places he's been known to appear as a bodyguard to various clients he's protected in the past. Not much else is known about him at the present time by most people in his life.

Carissa Shannon Meyers (Character Taken By Me)

Circa 20 Terran years of age/Human Female

Born St. Louis, Missouri, Earth, April 1984

An open-minded, multi-lingual, scribe who is a prodigy and quite wise beyond her years.

Description: She reminds you of a wise owl. She is of average height and has a leggy and slightly curvaceous build. Her eyes are round and blue-green in color, like the ocean depths. She has a pale china-white/rosy skin tone. Her hair is silky and straight, with it being a medium blonde color gently shading to light brown, if and whenever possible. Her shoulder-length hair is usually worn in a variety of carefully-crafted styles, which are often reflective of her moods and emotions. Although her wardrobe tends to be simple and business-like in nature, it rarely hides the fact that she is a woman. Moreover, it is evident, in both her usual attire and her family's home, that blue and green are her favorite colors, but especially green, at the present time.

Additional known background information: She is the oldest of five children to her now-dead parents, William and Katherine Meyers. Father is/was of German/Scottish descent, Mother is/was of Irish/Spanish/Japanese descent. Her parents were Protestant missionaries who died of a rare disease on a two-month missionary mission to Africa when she was 14 years of age. Various courts then worked on the children's case until she became a legal adult by declaration when she was somewhere around 16 years of age. She is a photographic memory possessor. She is a sports fan through her father's influence. Though the related statistics interest her more than the actual games, generally, though. She was an orphanage resident along with siblings while case was still in the court process prior to her being declared a legal adult at somewhere around 16 years of age. She is quite mature for her age, in fact. She grew up rather fast compared to most people who are/were about her age that she knows/knew. She's fluent in English, Spanish, German, Hebrew, and Japanese, with some French, Latin, and Finnish capability. She is an unpublished writer so far. Her siblings are Fionnula, Alonzo, Tracy, and Ignatius. At the time of their parents' deaths, while she and her siblings were still visiting friends of the family during the aforementioned missionary mission for her parents, her sister Fionnula was about 10 years old, her brother Alonzo was about 7 years old, her sister Tracy was about 5 years old, and her brother Ignatius was about 1 year old. Other related adult survivors of her parents are yet-unknown at current time in her life. She now lives with her siblings in St. Louis, Missouri, in a two-story blue-green house with a white picket fence around it. She works as a principal's secretary at a local-area high school, after earning a bachelor's degree in English and Spanish with minors in Japanese and international business from St. Louis University at 19 years of age, and after earning her high school diploma at 17 years of age. No further information about her is known well enough by most people in her life at the present time, in fact.

Tobias (Toby) Porter Grant (Character Taken By Me)

Circa 23 Terran years of age/Human Male

Born Sydney, Australia, Earth, October 1980

A strong and generous lawman who is given to moments of deep introspection.

Description: He is in his first year or so of his police career as a police officer in the Sydney Metropolitan Police Department, at most. He is dark-skinned, and has tousled brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is about 5'10" and 165 pounds, more or less, in his life, generally. He spent at least part of his college years, if not all of them, in England studying toward his criminal justice degree from the University of Sydney, which he earned at 21 or so years of age. His usual off-duty wardrobe is largely casual with a lot of brown and orange in it, if and whenever possible. Not much else is known about him by most people in his life at the current time.

Sabrina Akemi Bond (Character Taken By Me)

Circa 20 Terran years of age/Human Female

Born Kyoto, Japan, Earth, March 1984

A peace-loving rascal needing a friend.

Description: She is short, and has a somewhat moderate build with at least some hints of graceful and mischievous femininity often apparent for her in her life. A normally-hidden birthmark is on the back of her left hand. She is a known prankster, an anime/manga collector and dedicated fan, and sometimes is rather weird, and not just with her pranks, for that matter. She is fluent in both English and Japanese, with Japanese being her primary language of choice. She is currently attending the University of Tokyo, and she is studying to be an actress and a musician of some skill and repute sometime yet in the future.

She has blonde hair due to her English father's side of the family, but her skin's tone/color is about halfway between that of the average Caucasian and that of the average Asian, more or less, perhaps. Her father and all his blood relatives are, for the most part, English, if not entirely so, in actual reality.

Whenever she's home from college in Tokyo, and with her family in Kyoto, she lives with her parents, two siblings, two grandparents, an uncle, and three cousins. An aunt is dead due to a car accident caused by a drunk driver shortly after she finished high school.

The romantic pairings have not yet been decided at all, as well, for your information, readers. Once this story gets off the ground enough, I may be open to suggestions for said pairings, of course, people.

The general plot of this story is that each of the six main characters will receive a revelation that will be interrelated to the other five. The revelations will send them all on a quest that will, again, intertwine with the others. The final destination is an inheritance one to be shared by all. Obviously, the details of the story are yet to be written, as it depends on the participants. However, except for the guidelines stated above, just about anything is possible romantic pairing, time-travel, space travel, et cetera.

Other data will become known about each character as time permits. So I invite you again to be part of this unique story series. If you wish to play one of these characters, then please let me know through the reviews, as soon as you possibly can. (AGAIN PLEASE NOTE: I am not taking any anonymous reviews, so you will need a registered account at to review my stories. Furthermore, keeping your constructive reviews clean and courteous is and will be appreciated, people.) I await your reviews, then, readers. The story will begin once all six of the above characters have been assigned, at the very earliest. Until then, consider carefully which character each of you might eventually want to play here, of course, readers. I have ideas about what might happen in this story, but I also would like to see what kinds of ideas you might all have as well.

Until then, happy writing. This is TUS now saying over and out!