Carissa Meyers I:

Outside Main Entrance, Parkway Central High School

Chesterfield, Missouri, Earth

Circa 5 PM, March 14, 2004

Carissa Shannon Meyers and two of her four younger siblings were now walking out to her blue-green Chrysler PT Cruiser together. She'd just clocked out from her job for the rest of the day. She now worked full-time as a high school principal's secretary, in fact. Her sister Fionnula and brother Alonzo had just finished other school-related activities elsewhere on the school's grounds while she'd still been working, as well.

Carissa had two other siblings besides the high school-age Fionnula and Alonzo, in fact. Those other two siblings of hers were her elementary school-age sister Tracy and brother Ignatius. Also, Fionnula was often called Fio, Alonzo Al, and Ignatius Nate, in their respective lives. Fio was now roughly sixteen years old, Al roughly thirteen years old, Tracy roughly eleven years old, and Nate roughly seven years old.

All five Meyers siblings were now orphans. Their parents William and Katherine Meyers had both died about six years before, in fact. Their parents had died from a rare disease they'd both caught while still on a two-month-long African missionary mission. Carissa had been roughly fourteen years old when her and her siblings' parents, who had often been called Will and Kate for short, respectively, had died from that rare disease somewhere in Africa. Though just where their parents had both died, none of the five Meyers siblings yet knew, if they ever would, in their lives.

Carissa then took even more of a leadership role in their family than she'd previously taken before in her life. Even while she and her known family stayed at a St. Louis-area orphanage while the required courts were still handling their family's case, she still did so.

Carissa then started to take even more school classes, if and whenever possible. Including at least a few college-level classes at St. Louis University while she and her siblings were still at the orphanage, by the way. She eventually finished high school at roughly seventeen years of age. Which was roughly a year, more or less, before she'd have done so otherwise, most likely. Due to her family's drastically changed circumstances after her parents' untimely deaths, PCHS had then helped her as much as they could with her various school classes and credits. They'd even arranged for her to begin taking college-level classes when she was still roughly fifteen years old. She'd qualified to do so under a rather rare exception in Missouri state law at the time. This exception was one that often allowed excellent students in certain situations to begin taking such classes earlier than was normally permitted for Missouri high school students. Most specifically, that exception was for certain situations that were sufficiently like hers, in fact.

For many years, Carissa had been known to normally get A-level and B-level grades in her classes, if and whenever possible for her, in her life. And such had remained the case for her for many years, in fact. That was ever since her starting of first grade, at least, if not since her starting of Kindergarten, anyway. Even after her parents' rather untimely deaths, she still kept her grades up. And she still maintained at least the equivalent of a 3.700 GPA in her high school-level classes, if not an even higher GPA than that. It wasn't very easy for her to do so, at least sometimes, in certain areas, of course. But she still did so, somehow.

Carissa, who was also often called Cari in her life, then began taking classes at SLU in September 1999. Even while she was also maintaining a full slate of classes at PCHS at the same time, she still did so. When she began taking classes at SLU, she'd just started her sophomore year in high school, as well. She finished the requirements for tenth-grade in high school in no more than six months or so of calendar time. Even while taking at least three or four classes at SLU, she still did that.

Cari also took several on-line courses during the summer following her sixteenth birthday. She took those on-line classes even while also working full-time at a residential work camp in eastern Missouri. Though it was still not always easy enough for her to do sufficiently well in them in her off-work time then, of course, for all the obvious reasons. As usual, she generally did quite well in them, as a matter of fact.

By the time that the 2000-01 school year began at PCHS, Cari was already roughly two-thirds of the way through what'd have normally been her high school class's junior year. She finished her eleventh-grade requirements by no later than the middle of December 2000. Cari advanced to twelfth grade by the end of January 2001's first full week. As with her most recent scholastic studies, she continued maintaining at least a B-level average in her current classes at all times. At least through then, if not even longer than that, she somehow still did so, by the way. Whether they were college-level classes or high school-level ones, she still did so.

Cari finished all the necessary twelfth-grade requirements by no later than June 2001, with a twelfth-grade GPA of 3.700. And she was graduated from high school by PCHS a year, or about a year, earlier than she'd originally expected that to happen to her in her life.

It took her two more years of full-time study at SLU for her to finish her Bachelor's degree with majors in English and Spanish and minors in Japanese and International Business. Cari was graduated from SLU at nineteen.

The September after her college graduation, she then began working as a high school principal's secretary. She was now about a month, more or less, past her twentieth birthday.

After her family's case had been completely handled as needed by the required courts, she and her siblings then moved into a two-story blue-green house that had been left to them by their parents in their wills. Their parents had left all five of them that house along with several other things they'd been left in those wills. Such as Carissa's current PT Cruiser, in fact.

The house had actually been in their family for several generations. But it'd not often been used by Cari's immediate family for much, if not all, of her life. Her parents had often rented it out while Cari and her siblings were growing up, and spending most, if not all, of their lives in a rented St. Louis-area townhouse. Such had been the case at the time that her parents had left her and her siblings with friends of the family just before they'd gone off on their missionary trip to Africa, in fact. Even though that was also the case, true ownership of the house and the premises actually remained with the Meyers family. Though Cari and her siblings hadn't actually known that, it still had done so. Even when her parents left for their missionary trip to Africa.

It eventually came out in the handling of their family's case by the required courts that the house and all related property or properties to it actually belonged to the Meyers family. So Cari and her siblings eventually moved into that house. And they did so just as soon as they could all do so well enough and easily enough in their respective lives.

The five of them now lived in that house together, with her as the official head of their household. This was now the case because of the fact that the courts had declared her a legal adult at roughly sixteen years of age. Those courts did so at, or somewhere near, the end of their handling of the family's case. Now Carissa was totally in charge of things relating well enough to herself and the rest of her immediate family, in her own life, because of that now being true here.

Cari unlocked the doors to her PT Cruiser so that Fio and Al could get in it when they all were close enough to it for her to do so. After she did so, Fio took her usual seat in the front passenger's side seat and Al took his usual seat directly behind Cari in it. After her siblings were ready to leave here, Carissa got into the vehicle as well, and sat behind the wheel. Once she and her current passengers all had their respective belts on as required here, she turned the key and started up her vehicle.

A little while later, then, they and their two other siblings were on the way home again. Carissa picked up Tracy and Nate shortly after leaving PCHS for the rest of the day. She picked them from their school as well, in fact. After doing so, Carissa asked, "Are you planning to go anywhere after supper tonight, by any chance, Fio?" Tracy took the seat to Al's right as she got into the car. And Nate took the other window seat in the vehicle directly behind Fio, as well.

"Well, Cari, Teresa Garnom asked Vanamali Fonseka and several other girls if they'd like to come to a slumber party at her house tonight. And I was one of those several other girls she invited to it besides Vanamali, in fact. Would it be all right if I go there tonight? I told her that I'd have to discuss it with you before I could say one way or the other."

"I see. Al, what would you like to do tonight, if all possible, after supper?"

"I'll probably be staying home tonight. That's because that I believe that there's a big project I need to finish working on for school before Tuesday morning. And if I don't stay home, I might not get it done well enough by then, Cari."

"What about you, Tracy?"

"Going to bed by ten, most likely, if at all possible, Cari."

"And you, Nate?"

"Going to bed by 9:30, I think, if I can do so well enough, Cari."

"I see. Well, let me think about things here for a little while, and then I will let you know if you can go over to Teresa's tonight, Fionnula."

"Fair enough, I suppose. Do you expect to need to go anywhere before bed, then, Cari?" asked Fio, in very short order.

"No, I don't believe I will need to go anywhere else before then, Fio. But if I do, and you're home, you'll be in charge of everyone else here, of course." She said this as she continued to keep her eyes on the necessary road or roads here, obviously enough.

"Understood," answered Fionnula, who was sometimes called Fio by her siblings and closest friends in her own life, if and whenever possible. She said this as she also smoothed out and redid a small purple bow on the front of her mostly medium red sweater. This bow was one that'd come slightly undone earlier in the day for herself. This small purple bow on her sweater had some white trim on it as well, in fact.

The majority, if not the entirety, of the remainder of the drive back home was spent in relative silence. That was so Cari could concentrate completely on the task of driving her vehicle there safely enough, of course. While she did that, her four siblings found other things to occupy their attentions. All of them safe ones, in fact.

Fio read a history book for a while. Tracy knitted some more on a green sweater she'd recently started work on. While Al generally sketched things and people in a sketchpad that he often carried with him, if and whenever possible, in his life. And Nate worked on a crossword puzzle in a good-sized book of them rather quietly, as well.

When they eventually got home at around 5:45 pm, Cari then parked the vehicle in a garage near, but not attached to, the house. Then she had her siblings begin going to the front door of it in very short order. They did so, while she attended to parking the car and getting her things out of it, in fact.

She came to the front door with her things no more than a few minutes after parking her car in the garage. With that done, she then unlocked the front door to the house. Tracy and Fio then went to their own ground-floor-level bedroom in it that was just past the main stairs. As for Al and Nate, they went to their own bedroom on the second floor as well.

Minutes later, then, Carissa took her things to the office area that her father had often used whenever he'd been in residence here before. She dropped them all off there, if necessary. And then she went to her own bedroom directly across the main hall from that of Fio and Tracy's bedroom. She did this after first having picked all the family's mail out of a box positioned under a mail slot/chute in the front door, in fact.

Carissa soon changed her clothes into more casual ones from her usual work clothes. And then she exited her room again. But she only left it again after having first changed out of her rather business-like attire, in fact. She knocked on her sisters' main door, and called out, after getting a response to her knock, "Fio, it's your turn to make supper tonight."

"Understood, Cari. How soon do you want me in the kitchen, then?"

Cari looked at a grandfather clock standing near the front door, and then said, "I'd like you there by no later than 6:15, if at all possible, this evening."

"Fair enough. If you need me before then, or vice versa, Carissa, where might you be?"

"I'll be in the living room, and going through the mail that I have to. By the way, you received some mail from your pen pals in Japan, Australia, Canada, and Spain, Fio."

"Okay. Leave it in the required cubicle in the living room, then, please. I'll get to it later. Tracy wants to know if there's any mail for her as well, by the way."

"Only a few knitting-related magazines and assorted personal mail, it seems. I'll leave it in her cubicle, as usual, of course."

"Thank you. See you soon, perhaps?"

"Of course, Fio."

Carissa then went to the living room as planned. And she attended to the family's mail as needed here. Including hers, quite logically enough. She put her siblings' mail in each of the appropriate cubicles as needed here, while also keeping her own for herself, of course. It took her several minutes to sort all the family's mail out as necessary here. But she still had it sorted out by 6 pm local time. Cari spent the next ten or so minutes after that time handling her own mail as she saw fit to handle it here.

Several bills were also in the mail that she'd just gotten for herself here. Cari set them aside in a nearby room, for later attending to by her, if at all possible, in very short order, of course. She began skimming the various personal correspondence she'd just received in the mail here. This she did for a little while. After which, she then put her personal mail in a backpack that she'd gotten out of her room just after going there earlier.

Around 6:15 pm, then, she exited the living room with her personal mail, and went briefly to her room again. She dropped her backpack off in her room again, before exiting it yet again. That done, she soon knocked on her sisters' main bedroom door, so that Fio would know it was time for her to begin making supper for everyone here now.

Fio said, "I'll be right there, Carissa." Cari then went upstairs to check on her brothers. She came to their main door, and gently knocked on it a few times. Al soon came to the door.

"Yes, Carissa?" asked Al.

"It's your turn to set the table tonight, just so you know. I expect you in the dining room in five or so minutes, at most, Al."

"Understood. What about Nate?"

"He's to watch you, and help out as directed by any of the rest of us, Al."

"Okay, Carissa. We'll be right down, then, if at all possible."

"Fair enough, I suppose, Al. But if you're not down in ten, I'm going to be right back here, of course."

"Understood." Cari soon left Al alone again at the boys' main door, in fact. She went downstairs to help Fio out with supper here, if necessary. Fio was already there when she got there. Supper was completely ready by 6:45 pm. And the dining room table was completely set no more than five minutes after that.

Everyone then ate their supper in relative silence, as was sometimes the case for them all. During the later stages of the meal, though, Cari said, "I've now decided whether or not you can go to the slumber party tonight at Teresa's, Fio. I really don't think so."

"Why not, Cari?" asked Fionnula. She asked this as she then speared a piece of cheese ravioli with a fork and looked rather curiously at Cari at the same time.

"Fio, I now have this rather strange feeling that something major might happen tonight. If it does, you'll need to be around tonight, just in case I'm right. This feeling of mine currently seems to suggest that it'll involve me in some yet-unknown way or ways. And do so in at least one way, if not more than one, that I can't exactly explain yet, if I'll ever be able to. If I'm right, you'll need to run things here for at least a while, Fio. Yes, I know that you might not want to. But if I'm right, you'll still need to do so, Fio. And you'll also then need to do what we've all often discussed in the last several years. Supposing that's true enough for me and the rest of us here, of course."

"So when can I go to Teresa's for a slumber party, then?" asked Fio, in between a sip of some oolong tea and a bite of meatball sauce-covered cheese ravioli.

"If at all possible, I honestly will try to let you know that sometime later, somehow. But if I'm right, you'll need to hold down the fort here, of course, Fio." Carissa answered that question with a rather sad frown on her face as she then did so, by the way.

"What about me, then?" asked Al, between two spoonfuls of some fresh fruit salad.

"Al, if something does happen to me, then you'll really need to help out Fio quite often in the future. That's if I'm not with you all here for at least a little while, if not a long while, of course. At least while I'm not here with you all, I think. Can you do so well enough, perhaps?"

"It won't be easy, of course, but I think I can try to do my best to do that, just the same, Cari. At least I hope so, of course. Where might you be going, if you could tell us, and if your current feeling might be accurate enough here, then?" Al then took a sip of some grape juice that he'd earlier poured for himself from a pitcher filled with it.

"I really don't know right now, if I ever will, Al. And I really do wish I did. But I honestly don't. And I really don't think I'll actually know for at least a little while just where I might be going, if I ever do so at all. I'm sorry if that might bother you all. But that's still just the way I think things will be for at least the near future, if not even longer than that. That's if I'm sufficiently accurate with my current feelings here, of course."

"And what about me, Cari?" asked Tracy, in between two bites of her own ravioli with meatball sauce, as she also looked at some birds on the nearest wall of the dining room.

"If something might actually happen to me, Tracy, then you're to do whatever Fio and Al tell you to do. That's if and whenever it's at all possible for you to do so in your life, of course. Is that clear enough for you here?"

"Yes, I suppose it is," answered Tracy, some rather brief and rather quiet moments later, after a little bit of silent thought here for her.

"What about me, then, Carissa?" asked Ignatius, between bites of some more meatball sauce-covered cheese ravioli that also had some honey graham cracker bits on top of it.

"If something might actually happen to me, you're also to do what the others tell you to do, if and whenever possible, Nate. Is that clear enough for you here as well?" asked Carissa.

"Of course. Though I really do wish that you'd tell us all more about this current feeling of yours, just the same, Cari."

"I'm sorry, Nate. I just can't do that here and now. And I really don't know why that is right now, if I ever will." Cari then took a sip of her own grape juice. That basically ended the conversation for the rest of the meal, if it didn't totally do so, in fact.

After everybody finished their suppers, Carissa, Tracy, and Nate began putting all the leftover food and drink away as then required here. While they did that, Fio and Al also cleaned up the rest of the dining room table as needed. After everyone had done everything they needed to do right after supper, Cari soon sent them all to their bedrooms for the rest of the night, in fact.

Tracy and Fio went back to their own bedroom together when Cari sent them there. And they then did what they had to do, or wanted to do, there. Whether or not they stayed awake as they did those things, they both did so. Tracy was eventually quite asleep in her bed by 9:35 pm. While Fio stayed awake until just after 11:30 pm or so, more or less, in fact.

As for Al and Nate, they also went to their bedroom together just after Tracy and Fio had gone to theirs. Al played Connect Four with Nate until Nate went to bed at around 8:30 pm. That allowed Al to work on his school project, in complete silence, before he went to bed as well. He worked on it until about 11:15 pm, before heading downstairs for a bedtime snack of milk and cookies. Just as he was often wont to do in his life.

As for Cari, after supper, she took care of the mail she'd not yet attended to well enough, whether it'd been personal mail or not. Then she quietly gardened in her own backyard garden roughly between 8:15 and 9:45 pm, more or less. Just as she would often do, if and whenever possible, in her life. After she'd just done that, she soon went to her bedroom and did several other things there.

She did some personal writing of hers on several of her computers. For Carissa wasn't only a secretary, she was also currently a yet-unpublished writer who often wrote in her free time. If she didn't also do any other things in it, in fact. That was if and when she might ever have any of it in her life, for that matter. While she then took care of various writings of hers, she also packed some of her things in variously-sized containers. This was just in case something happened either to her or to anyone else in her own life. Especially to herself, of course.

Carissa then left her bedroom again. And she went back to her father's former office for a while. She made at least doubly sure, if not more so, that if she went missing or something, that Fio would hopefully be able to attend to things as needed. And that Fio would hopefully be able to do so while Cari was still away from everyone here. That was only supposing that Fio could actually do so, of course.

No matter what it was, Cari attended to various important things that she might have needed to attend to here. Even if she didn't really want to have to do so, she still did so. By 11 pm local time, she'd then attended to all of them, whether she'd wanted to or not. Carissa left some instructions for Fio, just in case. Including ones related to a possible future memorial service, funeral, and to her possibly last will and testament, for herself, of course.

With everything then done here, Carissa eventually left the office again for her bedroom. She then did that so she could gather up her things in it, if necessary. She soon put them all in a good-sized pile of backpacks and assorted other containers, in fact.

Carissa went to the kitchen for a piece of cherry pie, with some whipped cream on top, and some more grape juice from earlier that evening or night. When she got there, Fio was getting herself a bologna and cheddar cheese sandwich, an apple turnover, and some more oolong tea. Al was not yet there, in fact. But when Cari entered the kitchen for the food and drink that she then wanted, she and Fio could still hear him heading downstairs to the main level of the house. Which was the one that they were on now, by the way.

"Seems Al is coming downstairs now for his usual bedtime snack, Fio."

"I believe you're right, Carissa. Nate must now be asleep here. For he generally waits until after Nate is asleep to come down for it, if and whenever possible." Fio finished putting the bologna and cheese on the wheat bread that she'd gotten for it. And then she put the sandwich in the nearest microwave oven in the kitchen. She set it for a few minutes, at most, before starting it up here as needed. And then she commented, "I'm wondering if you have any more that you can possibly tell me about this feeling of yours right now, Cari."

"No, unfortunately, Fio, I still don't. What's going to happen is going to happen. Whether you, me, or anyone else at all might like it or not. But if something does actually happen to me, as I somehow now suspect it might, then you'll have to run things around here. At least for a while, if not permanently. I've now left you some instructions relating to certain things in the necessary place or places in this house, just in case something does actually happen to me, Fio. We've both discussed this sort of thing with our siblings before, ever since we all found out about Mom and Dad's deaths, at least a hundred times, if not more than that, I think, Fio. If something does actually happen to me as I now think it might, then you must handle things to the best of your ability to do so. At least while I'm away, if I'm not away from you all forever. Of course, I really hope that something doesn't actually happen to separate you from me, and vice versa, forever. But what will happen will happen, whether we like it or not, Fio. I really believe in you and in the rest of our immediate family, in fact. Remember, we all have quite honorable blood running through our veins. That's if I'm not too mistaken about such things here, of course. We are a quite noble and quite honorable family. And we're all members of the Meyers family by our common ancestry and by birth. No matter what, we'll all be Meyers family members for as long as we still live in our lives, Fio. Even if and when we ever get married to anyone else in our lives. Never forget that, Fio. And never forget that we love each other and God very much in all our lives, as well, for that matter." Carissa cut herself a piece of pie, put a dollop of whipped cream on it, and poured herself a glass of grape juice as she said those things, by the way.

"I don't intend to ever do so, if I can possibly avoid it at all, in my life. And I don't think the others will ever want to forget those things either, in fact, Cari." She said this just before her sandwich finished cooking on one side of it. After it did, she then flipped it over and rotated the applicable plate here 180 degrees, so that it could also be cooked on the other side as needed. Then she set it for the same amount of time that she'd set it for the first time. After doing so, she restarted the cooking process for the applicable sandwich. With that done, Fio then took a bite of her now-half-consumed apple turnover.

After taking a sip of her grape juice, Carissa said, "I believe you. However, I wonder if Nate, for instance, can remember Mom and Dad well enough in his life without some help from anyone else in his life. Like us, for example. Remember, he was only about a year old, more or less, when they left us while they were in Africa and we were staying with friends here in the States, Fio."

"I really don't know, Cari. But if something does happen to you as you seem to think it might, I think he'd miss you very much. I know I would, at least, and I'm sure that Al and Tracy would as well. But I don't really know how he might deal with your absence, if that were to happen here as you seem to think it might, Cari."

Just then, Al entered the kitchen. From behind Fio, who was moving toward the oven again, as Carissa also put the pie, whipped cream, and juice away, Alonzo then commented, "I think that he'd miss you very much, as Fio just said here, Cari. Probably more than she might seem to think, in my opinion. Carissa, to Nate, you're the closest thing to a mother that he's probably ever known in his life. Yes, I realize that you're actually our sister. But to him, it's almost like you're his mother, so to speak." Alonzo then moved to the kitchen cabinet where the cookies that he usually had for bedtime snacks were normally kept, whenever possible. As he did so, Carissa then took out some milk for him here, as well. And Fio took out a plate and glass for him to put those cookies on and that milk in as needed, for that matter.

Alonzo took the plate, milk, and glass from his two older sisters, and put them on the counter under the applicable cabinet here. After he did those things, he then reached into the cabinet and took out about a dozen or so cookies here. Alonzo had just decided to get some cookies for his sisters as well, just in case they might actually want some while he was still having his snack here. He put all those cookies on the plate, and then took the plate, milk, and glass into the dining room. Al set all those things on the dining room table, and his older sisters soon followed him there, in fact.

They periodically conversed rather quietly with each other in the dining room. They then did so for at least a few, if not several, minutes about whatever things they currently wanted to talk about here. Eventually, though, Fio said, "I'm getting rather tired now, it seems, you two. I suppose I'd better head to bed now, then. Good night, you two. And Carissa, please take care, if at all possible, in the future. Whether or not you're with us all the time in the future, of course. And I love you, just in case you might be sufficiently right about this feeling of yours here. If you leave here somehow, may God hold you safely in His Hands until we meet again. Either in this life or the next, of course. Remember, I love you very much, Carissa." Without another word, then, and after a short embrace between her and Carissa, if not also Alonzo at the same time, Fio then went to bed for the rest of the night.

That then left Al alone with Carissa here, in fact. Al said, as soon as he finished his usual bedtime snack, "Please take care, sleep tight, I love you, and all that, of course, Carissa. I really hope that you're sufficiently wrong about this current feeling of yours. But if you're not, then I hope the same things are true for you that Fio hopes will be true for you in such a case, for the obvious reasons, Cari."

"So do I, Al. So do I. But what's going to happen will happen, no matter how much we might or might prefer otherwise in our respective lives. Remember, Al, God is in complete control of the Universe. Even if a lot of people and other sentient beings in it might not actually think so, He is. And He is the most powerful Being in all of it, without a doubt. No matter how much anyone else might prefer otherwise, He is. Just as He has always been and always will be, Al. If He sees fit to call me home to Him, that's His choice. If not, that's His choice as well, Alonzo. Good night, then, I love you, and all that, of course." The two of them briefly embraced each other for a few moments. And then Al went back to the kitchen only long enough to put his empty plate, glass, and the milk back wherever necessary for each of them in it. Moments after he did so, Carissa then heard him heading back upstairs to his bedroom and bed, of course.

Carissa then spent the next five or so minutes after about 11:45 pm making her usual bedtime rounds around the house and the premises. She usually made such rounds for security's sake, at least, before going to bed at night, for the obvious reasons. Little did she yet know that this would be the last time she might be able to do it for quite a long while. She had a feeling that something might happen to her very soon in her life. Just what it might be, she didn't yet know, of course. Carissa just knew that she had a feeling that something might happen to her very soon in her life, in fact.

Her security checks around the premises and the house went as they usually did. Which was to say that they didn't strike any weird bells for her in her mind, so to speak. So she then went to her bedroom and got ready for bed, in rather short order. She also checked her personal mail once or twice more, whether it was electronic mail or postal mail, before climbing into her bed again here. As she was just about to turn off a computer that she'd had sitting on her bed that was also plugged as necessary into the wall, she suddenly felt herself being sucked into that very computer's screen. And sucked into it by a rather strange portal of some yet-unknown sort that'd just appeared on it, for that matter. This then happened to her here as she was also about to set her personal postal mail on the nearby bedside table, by the way. As she was then being sucked into the screen by that same portal, her previously-packed containers elsewhere in the room were sucked into it as well, in fact. She and her things then disappeared from view in her room in rather short order. She and her things were sucked into that portal, which eventually whisked both her and them out of known time and space. Though she didn't yet know that, of course, in her life. And she wouldn't know it for at least a little while, most likely, for that matter. The last thing she saw before she was completely sucked into the portal with her things, though, was the face of her sister Fio, as Fio began opening her main bedroom door.

This was now the case because Fio had just heard a strange series of sounds just as she was drifting off to sleep from the direction of her sister Cari's room. And because she'd literally flown immediately out of her bed and toward her room's main door. Just before Fio could get far enough into Cari's room to see what was then going on there, though, Carissa was completely sucked into the portal with all of her just-packed things. Cari saw Fio, but Fio didn't see Cari, before she and her things were then taken all the way into it, in fact. The strange portal then sucked Cari's computer into it as well just as Fio was about to reach the bed here. Seconds later, then, Fio was the only person in her sister's room, of course. And no trace of the aforementioned computer still remained at all in it.

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