The Golden Tree

There was a man who was lost in the forest. Night fell and he didn't know what to do, but just before the light went completely he found a hollow tree. Climbing into it, he decided to wait until morning, and settled down to spend the night in the tree.

After a while, he thought he heard a voice. He was about to call out when he heard another voice, and for some reason he remained silent. There was something strange about the voices, something which made him want to stay in the hollow tree.

As he lay there, helpless he was straining to hear what these voices were saying, or if he could even understand them. As they seemed to get closer one of the voices seemed to be a mans' voice yet it seemed wicked. The voice said,
"I'm aware of our current situation Arthur, but I'm just biding my time." After the fist voice finished the other voice of the supposed "Arthur" spoke,
"Yes, Severus, I know that you want to wait, but I can not stand this much longer, if they catch onto our plans," he was then cut off,
"No one will catch on and I do not want to hear another word of it Arthur!" Severus yelled. He quickly quieted down and didn't say anything for what seemed like ages to the man in the tree. He then said in a very quiet voice,
"Look, this tree is the safest place for our" he paused, cleared his throat and said, "things." The man in the tree looked around the inside of the tree without moving anything but his head and wondered what on earth the two men were talking about.
"So we will continue with the plan?" Arthur said.
"Yes, we will wait a few nights, say about Friday, and then we will comeback for the items we left here at this tree" Severus said. "Now lets get back, before anyone comes looking for us"
"Right" answered Arthur.
"I better follow them, this could be a very good thing" the man inside the tree thought to himself. And so, as quietly as he could, he crept out of the tree after the two men seemed to have left, and looked around for them.
"Now where on earth those two get to?" the man whispered to himself out loud. Just then he heard a twig snap behind him and both of the men were standing there, swords drawn. One man was rather skinny, about five feet six inches tall. It was hard to see in the dark but it looked as though he had rather dark black hair. He was wearing a very dark cloak that was darker than his hair. The other was a bit taller, six feet two inches roughly, and he was built like a rock., extremely muscular with blonde hair that was short and close to his head.
"And who might you be?" the blonde haired one said. Having no idea what the men looked like due to the fact that he was in the tree the entire time, he answered this man's question with another question.
"I could ask you the same. Would your name by any chance be Arthur?" "Aye" the man said.
"And so that makes you Severus" he said to the other man.

"And you are?" Severus asked.
"Name's James" the man said.
"Was that supposed to be a joke?" Arthur asked.
"No, no, no joke. I just like to introduce myself that way" James told him.
"So Jamie" Severus said.
"James" James told him.
"Ok, James then! Tell me, what in the world were you doing down here?" Severus asked him.
"I got lost, thought that if I followed you two that I might be able to find my way back." All of the sudden the hollow tree began to creak and a ton of gold coins came rushing out of it. Looking stunned at James, who looked very startled himself, the said in unison
"So he is the chosen one!"
"Chosen one?" James said skeptical.
"The one that the tree will open it's gold to, you must have heard the story!" Arthur said. "No, I didn't" James told him.
"Good" said Severus,
"No matter, we'll just kill him and then get the gold.
"K-k-k-k-kill me?" James stuttered.
"Yes kill you" answered Severus. As Arthur had his sword up in the air ready to strike, James screamed at the top of his lungs (it was rather girly). About that time, he opened his eyes to see the light shining inside of the tree trunk.
"Wow, what a dream" he said as if someone could hear him. As he clambered out of the tree, quiet scared from the dream, he looked down to find a gold coin. He picked it up, examined it, and then began to walk off in search of his way home thinking nothing of it. But on his way, he was inclined to look back, and saw something carved in the tree.
"Here lies the chosen one, perhaps he wasn't so lucky." James looked down to see his body lying there, with a wound on his neck. There was a door that suddenly closed shut on the body, and James just walked away, away from the tree.