I never knew I could bleed so much.

My sigh of ecstasy as the blade slices my skin.

Nazi war camp

Afghan woman.

I'd rather be there

They had sympathy.

Every one knew

About their pain.

Mine lies dormant on my sensitive skin

I'd show you if you asked.

But you won't, will you?

Every thing is so good for her

No one knows about the

Near-invisible white marks that look like lace.

White on white. My memory

Won't abandon me.

I wish I'd go mad.

Maybe I'd get to be a martyr

I'd know what I saw wasn't real.

It's better than now, where…

I am not sure.

Row, row, row your boat…

I wish it was.

A nice merry dream.

But then I'd still wake up.

Damn. I can't escape this

Nowhere, every where

I see your face in the echo

Of skin tearing

I hear you voice in the glistening red.

I can't forget you

I hate you.

You raped my elation.

All you'll ever see is a smile.