The Elemental Orchestra
The slender conductor is up on the stage,
Preparing the eager band,
In their very first performance
The audience is silenced by the conductor waving her wand,
Like a sorceress casting a melodious spell,
That will enchant the entire audience
The trumpets and violins start off largo,
Creating the pleasing warmth of the blazing sun,
On a clear, blue day,
With the flutes painting the wind gracing the cello's,
Mellow sound of wildflowers embracing the serene wind
A timid trombone section is growing strong and tall,
A bold beanstalk rising up,
Into the heavens
A beautiful baritone lavishes the ensemble with the fragrance,
Of a rose in its fullest stage
The depth of its crimson drowning the audience in admiration
But a new feature is brought suddenly to attention,
The bass clarinet
The tangled vines are its role,
And in the same moment a stealthy clarinet forms a slick, lime snake
Through the vines
The two instruments go in a round,
Around and around again,
Until there is darkness engulfing the area
The French horn has disrupted the peacefulness,
And has brought along ominous clouds and mist
The kazoo flies away, flapping its feathered wings insanely,
A deep fog is formed by the graceful tuba
The peace is engulfed by it
Suddenly, the orchestra stops,
For a brief moment until.
A tsunami rages through the jungle of happiness,
Formed by the skilled cymbals,
As a series of thunder from the bass drum erupts,
In the background
A frightening section of alto saxophones liven up the scene by forming,
A fierce, rushing whirlwind,
A tornado
It spirals around, causing a crackling fire to come forth,
Born by the snare drums,
As thunder rolls by again,
Until all that is left of the storm are the clouds and mist
A few graceful flakes of snow fall,
Because of the chimes mysteriously soft presence
Xylophone icicles plummet
They shatter and snap,
Like a glass vase being gracelessly knocked off an end table
Combined complexity followed by another hiatus.
In one instant moment,
All of the elements unite into one sound of wrath and perplexity,
Too complex to clarify
And when the chaos subsides,
All that is left is the sunlight peeking through the heavy,
Clouds and mist,
And the final flakes of the snow falling overhead
A solitary blue bird is heard,
Majestically soaring home to its nest
The fog decrescendos to nothing,
As the clear, blue sky is unbridled,
Proud to be able to show off its clarity
All of the sounds fade away,
Until all that is left is a lonely gust of wind,
Played by a single flute,
Making a sense of closure,
And polishing the fine