Let Go

Is it possible for me,

To want to let go?

Can it be that I am sick,

Of holding onto this withering rope?

This rope full of safety,


My sanctuary.

But I do not want to loosen,

My grip.

If I do,

I'll fall into the unclear world,

Full of chance,


The things I fear.

But I've been hanging onto this rope,

For so very long,

That each day that passes,

Is the same.

I'm still hanging on the rope,

Waiting to get pulled up,

But I've been dangling here,

For so very long,

I'm waiting for nothing.

No one will pull me up.

So how will I get out?

I don't want to hang here,


I look below me.

The soft clouds of the world,

I fear,

Grazes my feet.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth letting go,

Of this safety,


My sanctuary?

Is it worth loosening,

My grip,

On this rope,

To leave behind my hopeless,


Pursuit to get pulled up,

At last?

I thought I would get pulled up,

But after hanging,

For so very long,

I'm still not there.

After waiting,

And holding on,

For so very long,

I realize now,

that I want to let go.

I am sick of holding on,

To this withering,

Breaking rope.

I won't weigh it down anymore.

I'm going to find,

My true sanctuary.

I take in my final breath,

While holding on for,

One last time.

I throw my head back,

And laugh,

Seeing the wonders,

Of the world I used to fear.

A world full of chance,


The things I admire.


My lips curved in a smile,

I kiss my rope,


And I let go.