This is basically a one shot, one chapter sad story… I witnessed this in a store and felt so sad, I had to write it down and I would appreciate it if you took this story to heart.


My eyes scanned over the magazine covers, looking for a group of one in particular. Summer vacation was right around the corner, I could hardly wait yet the magazine I was looking for had to do with winter. Snowboarding actually. I scowled slightly, glaring at the magazines as if my snowboarding one would just pop out, mumbling lowly to myself. That's when I heard hushed whispers from the next aisle over and my curiosity got the better of me.

I silently crept to the end of my aisle and the thought hit me, when your trying to be silent it seems that everything is louder then actually is. I shook that thought away as I peeked around the corner, trying to be discreet and trying very hard not to get caught.

A couple stood, arguing in hushed voices. They were standing so I could see both of their faces semi clearly. The girl was beautiful, no denying it. Her golden blonde hair fell down her shoulders in cut layers that framed her beautiful face. I couldn't tell her eye color, or any kind of small detail like that but she was tall and slim. The guy stood across from her, looking down at her with a stone unemotional face as I frowned. The guy wasn't hot, he wasn't cute he was… handsome. I don't really remember using that word but handsome would be the word to describe him. Tall, dark and seemingly mysterious, well to the likes of me anyways.

"You never cared about me!" The girl screamed at him but he seemed unfazed. My feelings first went for the girl, my mind wondering what he had done to her and how he could make her hurt so bad and not try to console her? "I deserve better, I really do!" The girl said, her voice slightly raising.

"I'm sorry you feel that way… but I love you… with all my heart." Each word he said held so much meaning and passion behind them that I felt my heart drop. My feelings now mix, is the girl right or the guy? He sounded so sincere and loving while she just sounded angry and hateful.

"Well then you should of showed it!" I must of blocked out all the names she had called him, I backed up so I could no longer see either of them. The card I was holding for my mothers birthday shook in my hand. I don't remember getting this emotional, well not in public anyways. I half listened to her bash away at him but not once did I hear him try to stop him.

"I'm sorry, I really am I'm trying my hardest but this does go two ways." He said it in that voice that made a person break down and cry, the kind of sincere voice you wished a guy would use on you. I peeked over once more and saw tears running down his cheeks but he hadn't moved a muscle. I had heard the term silent tears before but I had never witnessed it before. I think I wouldn't of felt so bad if he had started to sob and shake but those silent tears just made my heart break.

"You son of a-" Once again I cut her out and stood back quickly, not wanting to get discovered but at the same time I wanted to run out there and make a distraction. I didn't want to listen anymore but something pushed to me listen. "You never cared about me!" She said in a hushed shout. My feelings had completely turned, now feeling sorry for the guy instead of the girl. I was wondering how she could just stand there and say those things when he looked so hurt?

I took a deep breath then heard a loud smack. Skin on skin kind of smack. I looked around the corner again and saw that his face was now turned slightly to the left, a red mark appearing slightly. She kept on saying how much a jerk he was and how he didn't deserve her.

"I love you… I'm sorry that's not enough for you…" His voice didn't have a hate of hatred or anger, just pain and sorrow. The girl then stormed away, leaving the guy standing there. By then I wasn't the only person who's curiosity was peeked and I felt sick for listening to his pain and not doing anything about it. I felt anger for everyone who just stood back and let this happen, including myself.

I walked away then, remembering how I had seem them earlier. He was holding her purse and her backpack, I had made some comment to myself about how she had him whipped and she was picking out earrings that he was going to buy, she looked to have about five picked out already. She had given me a nasty look and I remembered mumbling a question about what her problem was.

Now I knew what her problem was. Yet I didn't see it as a problem at all, I know tons of girls who would give anything for just half the love he showed her. The truth being, she was the one that didn't deserve his love.

I know there's probably another part to that fight, that he may of cheated or done something worse to her but how could someone who showed so much love for one person have done something like that? I have never really seen love first hand, though I've seen where it leads when people fall into it. Yet there's always something I'd remember…

Those Silent Tears.