S C E N E   1


One day it is raining water. A brother and sister sat by the window seal, sighing. They were bored.

BROTHER: I'm so bored that I could do homework.

SISTER:  Wow! You will do homework? I never saw you do that before.

BROTHER [Frown; looking at his sister]: Don't. That was just an expression, you doof!

SISTER:  Hey, would that be cool if it rained potatoes?

BROTHER: [Sigh] Sis, it will never rain potatoes.

SISTER: How would you know?

BROTHER:  Uh, duh, maybe I learnt it in Science class!

SISTER:  Bro, you don't even go to class, so how could you know?

BROTHER:  I go sometimes. Now, just leave me alone. I have to call my friend!

[The brother got up and went to the phone.]


BROTHER:  Because... I just do, okay?

[The sister turned her head back to the rain, pouring outside the window.]


S C E N E   2


The next day, it was raining water again. Though not that much; just sprinkling. The sister is outside, playing in it.

BROTHER:  Sis, get back in here. You will catch a cold. And mom said I have to keep an eye on you!

SISTER: No! You are not the boss of me!

[The brother came out the door. The sister took of running]

[Then a potato fell from the sky and hit the brother on the head.]

BROTHER: Ow! I just hit in the head with a potato.

[The sister laughs while running.]

[A few more potatoes fell from the sky and hit the brother in the head again.]

SISTER: Ha! Ha! You were hit in the head!

BROTHER: Sis, let's go inside. It's raining potatoes, and I don't want you to get hurt!

SISTER: I won't get hurt. It is just potatoes that you could eat. [She picked up one and bit into it.]

SISTER: You are a frady cat anyway, Bro!

BROTHER: I am not!

SISTER [looks up on the roof]: People you can come down now! My brother is getting really scared.

BROTHER: Hey, it was all a joke, wasn't it?

[The sister started laughing, then running. The brother chased after her.]

[Everybody had thrown a potato into the sky and then the potatoes went splat on the ground!]



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