Looking For Bigfoot

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-Sixth day of March that a handsome young man named George Corman had arrived at the small Oregon town of Happydale in order to catch a glimpse of the legendary man-monster known as Bigfoot,only to accidently bump into a Keira Knightly type beauty named Roberta Hogan,who was also there to find the mysterious creature.

After he helped her get back up to her feet,both George and Roberta had agreed to go into the woods and camp out with hopes of finding the creature within its natural habitat.

And then,after they were finally done with setting up the camp and George had finished setting up the video equipment,both he and Roberta had stepped into the tent and sat down.

"So,what do you want to do now?",asked George,after he had taken a deep breath.

The answer to that question had came soon enough,for after she had removed all of her clothes and laid back on the air mattress,Roberta had let out a small smile and asked,"Why don't we take a wild guess?"

Later that evening,after they had finally experienced their moment of pure erotic pleasure,the two newfound lovers had fallen asleep within each other's naked arms,only to have her wake up an hour later,sneak out of the tent and into the woods,where she had removed her outer skin and exposed her true beastal form,thus ending her human-like masquerade.