Chapter Seven
A Day In Heaven

"Elk!" I felt Gabriel poke my shoulder. "Wake up!"

I rolled over and felt my face impacting on the wood floor. Just how I like to wake up! I heard Gabriel starting to laugh hysterically. That wasn't funny. I heard another thud and looked over my bed. Gabriel had fallen to the floor. Still laughing at me. Bloody Hell. Wait, can I say that?

I picked myself up and walked over the laughing weirdo-gatekeeper. I stood over him until he started to laugh even harder once he saw my face. I shook my head and plucked a feather from one of his wings. He yelped and immediately stopped laughing.

"Do I have your attention, Mr. Gatekeeper?" I wagged the small gold and silver feather in front of his face. I smiled and started toward the door. I heard Gabriel get up from the floor, so I turned around to face him. "Revenge is so sweet!" I smiled comically at him.

He looked at me for a second and then tore his eyes away from mine. "Revenge?" He faced me again, but with a small frown and pain in his eyes. "Revenge be so much bitter than sweet."

I couldn't understand the feeling that was hidden behind the lavender eyes. He smiled, as if painfully. I quickly walked the rest of the way out the door before he could say anything else.