Drop me now
And say goodbye
For today is my last outcry
My last outcry for you to come back
I've decided to stop
Decided not to bother
But I will still bother
Until the day I die
Cannot help
Cannot save
Just leave me here to be myself
Drop me forever
Let me fall
Like you let the glass fall
Upon the kitchen floor
And shatter into millions of shards
I'm sorry
I should've thought the first time
I shouldn't have been thick headed and let you go like that
I kick myself every day for that
I have scars
From the bad days
I have scars
From the good days
Both of which
Caused by you
Cannot save me
Cannot help me
Laying here
Righting you letters
Laying here
Writing this poem for you
Posted for the world to see
Posted just for you to see
Because I care
Because I love
Nothing much to say about this
For I've expressed my feelings so many different ways
None seem to get through to you
Yet you know how I feel
I wish I could change the way you feel
I wish I could make you feel the same way I do
I know it's not possible
But I can always wish
Who's to say wishes don't come true?
You are
You denied a wish
You crushed one dream