I'm gonna cut you

Out of my heart

I'm gonna cut you

Out of my arm

I'm gonna cut…

I'm not gonna remember you

If it's the last thing I do

World's greatest mysteries

Isn't that a TV show?

I remember when I used to know

Every time I want to die I say

I don't say shit

Who'd want to hear it?

You see these people

In the street

They smile,

They kiss,

They scream,

'Cause I pulled a gun

"I'm sorry love wastes your time"

I almost wish she beat me

That way I wouldn't have to

I could just say, "fuck you"

Every time I wanted to die

I'd probably get the most savage

Beating of my life

I'm gonna cut you

Out of my mind

I'm gonna cut you

Out of my wrist

That's my favorite spot

Life is futile no matter

What everybody rots

Before they're eaten by rats

But that's preferable

To seeing your face every day

Leech, hell, are you going to pay

You don't know hate like this

It's out of this world

I live for you

I die for you

I'm a ring.