I passed you yesterday,
And I wanted to say your name.
But you just walked on by me,
With her wrapped in your arms.
I close my eyes,
And fantasize,
That she doesn't exist.
And that it's me you're holding,
The same way you are her.
Maybe it's pathetic,
The way that I feel.
But I can't tell my heart,
What's real.
The reality is,
That you'll never look at me,
The way I do you.
You'll never get lost in my eyes,
And fantasize,
That you're holding me.
I'll never walk by you,
Acting like I don't care.
I'll always realize,
That you are there.
No matter who you're with,
Or how unreal it is.
I'll never not notice you,
Like you don't notice me.

.:a/n:. Woo hoo, I'm pathetic. Stupid loser boy.