The Heart, The Key

You are lost and don't know where to go

Help is no where in sight

And your own might

Is very low

But there is hope,

There is hope.

Look down

At your chest

Lest you jest

But don't moan

'Cause there is help,

There is help.

Right behind your ribs

Its alive

Buzzing with life, like a hive.

Don't close your mind, like a lid.

But just listen,

Just listen

Its a place where few visit, but few feelings are

Its hurt, its sore

And you keep feeling more and more

But don't fear for it, help is not far

Its not far,

Not far.

You squeeze your fist

Prepared to fight

'Cause in this world, there is no safe flight

Search your soul, through the mist

But what for,

What for.

Your heart is the passage

It will help you on your way

If you may

Just listen to its message

It will lead,

Will lead.

It brings life-giving hope

It'll take you out of your hole

Because you're not a mole

Just follow your heart,

Follow your heart.

Stop draggin' that cart

Its just slowin' ya down

Doing so won't get you your crown

Don't you realize, its your heart

Your heart is the key,

Is the key.

It will unlock the gate

You find yourself in front of

Straight to the love

Maybe even your soul mate

It will set you free,

Set you free.

Your heart will get you there