The Sugardale Ranch

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Tenth day of July that the Sugardale Ranch has recieved a new ranch hand named David Newton,who has arrived for his first day of work--and his first job assignment was to help take care of some horses inside the stables on the ranch.

But then,after he had walked into the stables to start his chores,David had looked inside one of the stables and noticed an Elizabeth Hurley type beauty grooming one of the horses--and when she had looked up at David,he had looked at her eyes and noticed them to be the most beautiful in the whole entire ranch.

"You must be the new ranch hand.",said the female,after she had placed the brush that she was grooming the horse with."My name is Bonnie Jo Sugardale,whose father happens to be the owner of this very ranch and I'm so glad that you're here to help us with the chores around here."

"I'm pleased to meet you,Bonnie Jo.",said David,while he was shaking her hand."My name is David Newton."

After that,both David and Bonnie Jo had started to work on grooming the other horse in the next stable--and then,after they had started with brushing the horse,the two newfound fellow coworkers had looked at each other and noticed that there was something happening between them--and that something was true love.

And then,after they had given each other a passionate kiss on the lips,Bonnie Jo had taken a deep breath and asked,"After we're done in here,why don't you come with me up to my bedroom?I've got something that needs fixing by such durable hands like yours."

"Well,since you've asked me so nicely.",answered David,after he had let out a smile."I'm sure that I'm truly up to the challenge."

A few minutes later,after they had finished their chores and stepped into her bedroom,David had looked at Bonnie Jo,took a deep breath and asked,"So,where is this thing that you want me to fix?"

"It's right here.",answered Bonnie Jo,while she was pointing to one of the buttons on her shirt."I've pushed this nasty little button and nothing happens.Could you please look at it and see what you could do with it?"

After he had let out a smile,David had pressed the button and it had opened her shirt a little bit.

"Now,are there any more buttons that you need my help with?",asked David,after he had looked at Bonnie Jo.

"Well,as a matter of fact.",answered Bonnie Jo,after she had pointed to the rest of the buttons on her shirt."Could you do something about these other naughty buttons?"

The answer to that question had came soon enough,for after he had started undoing her shirt one button at a time,David had kissed Bonnie Jo ever so passionately on the lips--and then,after they had removed all of their clothes and placed their naked bodies on the bed,the two newfound lovers had started making passionate love to each other,while the other ranch hands had continued working on their chores.

After they had finally compleated their little moment of pure erotic sensuality,Bonnie Jo had placed her head on David's chest,took a deep breath and asked,"Have you ever fallen in love with a modern day cowgirl before,David?"

"Well actually,no.",answered David,while he was running his gentle fingers through her hair."As a matter of fact,I've never worked on a ranch before,but I could tell you one thing,if I hadn't taken this job,I wouldn't be here with you right now."

"Well,I'm glad that you had taken the job,David.",said Bonnie Jo,after she had looked up at David and let out a smile."Because I love you and I'll keep on loving you with all of my heart."

And with that,both David and Bonnie Jo had snuggled up to each other and fallen asleep within each other's naked arms.

The next day,while David was helping her take care of a few little pigs,he had taken Bonnie Jo by the hand,gazed into her eyes and asked,"Bonnie Jo Sugardale,I know that this might be somewhat awkward,but could you please have the honor of being my wife?"

They got married a year later--in June.