.the contract.


29: note as of 17/11/1o


What's this? A unexpected and untimely update?

The Contract is now be posted at The Write Away on LiveJournal. You must be a member to see my works, as it's locked . . . much like PlagiarismHaven, which I'm sure you've all heard about. They're sister sites. My LJ name there is _desolation_ and this is the name you will find my stories under! YOU MUST FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FORM AS WELL AS REQUEST TO JOIN. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE DO BOTH.


And yes, I have decided to include The Contract in the rewrites. Your guys' encouragement broke me. Thank-you all so much! This is the first story that is up. PLEASE NOTE YOU MAY BE REJECTED IF YOU DO NOT SATISFY THE REQUIREMENTS!!!

On another note,

I am still trying to publish. I am just severely stuck and unmotivated right now, so in the meantime, I would really like feedback. Thanks so much for the support so far.

PS: If you e-mailed me asking me to update you on my status, those should be around . . . sometime. Sorry, I just have over 10, 000 emails to sort through because I am a messymessy person :( . . . Er, and this is basically an update on my status itself. Haha.