As I walk down the road
There are men I see
And I can't help but clock
They're staring at me
Some do this so quietly
And that I don't mind
But most of them call out
With voices that blind
I wonder if they think that
I dress to please them
And that's why they see me
As a great item
Some guy comes to tell me
My skirt is "all this"
And it's a shame because
The shade isn't his
I try to explain I'm
Already attached
But the man just laughed on
And called us mismatched
I find it really odd
How his mind is set
How can he pass judgement
On someone not met
(But I feel kind of bad
As I'd done the same
With his humour like this
His friends must be "lame")
And two of them stop by
To my mind confirm
That they are all too loud
Too driven by sperm
They whistle their friend on
"Wahey! What a chick!"
And they smile in a way
That makes me feel sick
But then I pull a trick
And make them all gasp
When I say I can't stay
Because of law class