Sitting in this dismal place
I can see your charming face
And yet I know that it cannot be
There is only air in front
You're just my mind's greatest stunt
Tricking me to believe what I see
You do watch me slide away
Refresh to face a new day
I think once you even held my hand
At my pale skin lands your stare
I know that- I felt it there
Then I felt it slip away like sand
I wish that I could talk back
But strength for that I do lack
What will society have to say?
Sometimes I have to agree
With the things proposed to me
But I don't want to live life this way
Once upon a time a man
Asked me if you were a plan
A creation to gain a heard sound
He didn't believe you said
That I would be better dead
That you're just a scapegoat that I found
He asked I would take pills
Before anymore blood spills
But you denied this darkened request
Then he guessed that you said this
To keep you in my safe bliss
I was very confused, I confessed
I know that you can't be here
And maybe it's that I fear
You're more fun than most people I know
But despite you entertain
You put my soul in pure pain
And that's why sometimes I wish you'd go