At first, I was shy,
I didn't speak your language for a while
But then you approached me,
And then you made me give a little smile.

We grew closer and closer,
And you came to me more and more.
You gave me confidence in my speech,
You saw something in me that no one else saw.

Then I thought my emotions were growing for you,
And that my heart was falling for you.
After all, you are my light in this place,
Everything about me, I thought you knew...

But then one day, after art class,
You ushered me quietly to the lonely side.
Looking and feeling so uneasy, you spoke.
Your feelings, you said, you could no longer hide.

You told me casually you wanted a date with me,
And that you would want to be with me
But inside you wanted my heart and my love,
How on earth was I to see?

I told you I'd think it over,
And asked for the weekend to think it through.
And a weekend it took, to think it over.
How could I possibly know a 'no' could make you so blue?

You took it in your casual stride,
Hiding your pain within your cool exterior
Never showing a single sad little emotion,
That was something that made you superior.

But still, with your heart all broken,
You continued to stay as my friend.
I thought nothing of it, and though the same as you:
I thought that we could stay like this until the end.

But later you told me your real emotions,
That inside your love for me had become an ocean,
That you couldn't face a day without me,
And that you thought of me as the important Sun.

But then, my love for you had died,
And had been replaced by adoration.
Everyday we spend together now
You think of it as a consolation.

And now, we are more than just friends.
No, now we are unable to stay apart form each other,
And there isn't a day I haven't thought of you
Because day in day out, we support one another.

But, in the end, I have to thank you Sammie
For approaching me that day,
Because it changed my life forever
In the best possible way.