The Man Who Cried Vampire

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,the only thing that they always print in the supermarket tabloids is nothing more than just one hundred percent pure crap trap.

However,if I'm also not mistaken,if you do something against someone else like lie about them and sell that lie to one of those tabloids,chances are that certain someone would really do something to get back at you.

Case in point:On the Sixteeth day of May,a reporter for the National Enquirer named Lance Conway has written a story about a TV star named Jennifer Hunt being a vampire and had gotten it published in the very rag that he was working for.

And then,while he was sitting at his desk and wondering which one of the other celebraties he should write some lies about next,his phone had started ringing--and he was surprised to discover that it was Jennifer Hunt who was calling him and inviting him over to her home for a one-on-one interview with her.

However,as soon as he had arrived at the Hunt residence,Lance had walked inside,only to be shocked at the sight of the Tracey Gold type beauty standing in front of him in nothing,but her birthday suit.

The only thing that Lance had done was stand right where he was,while Jennifer had walked slowly towards him and kissed him ever so passionately on the lips--and that's before she drove in her fangs and sucked him dry.