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Sirens Summon

"Anna!" Karen shouted as she knocked three times at the bathroom door. "Anna, do you have my keys in there? I'm going to be late for class."

Steam slowly escaped from underneath the bathroom door as Karen impatiently waited for a reply. "Yeah," shouted Anna to her roommate over the echo of the pounding water on the tile walls. "I think they're in my jeans. They're hanging on the back of the door."

Karen stepped inside and her bangs immediately fell limply against her forehead. She rummaged through the pockets of her friend's pants before she found her car keys and a letter in the back pocket that was addressed to "My Dearest Anna Banana" in abrasive black penmanship. "How are things going between you and Craig?" Karen asked upon seeing the signature at the bottom of the letter. She skimmed over it before placing it back in the proper pocket. "Isn't today your six month anniversary or something like that?" she asked again as she wiped the condensation from the medicine cabinet mirror and began to fix her hair and reapply her mascara.

"It was supposed to be," chimed a small voice from behind the shower door, "But we decided to break up instead. I suppose it was for the best."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Karen said sympathetically. She was scrutinizing her appearance in the mirror and trying not to stare at her friend's faint outline. "Personally, I always thought he was a real bastard anyway. What are you going to do now?"

"I don't know," began Anna in an exasperated voice. "I just need some time to think things through. Do you see what I'm saying?" There was a momentary pause, not even long enough for a response to be given, "I swear, I never want to fall in love with another man for as long as I live. Hell," she continued, "I never even want to fuck another man for as long as I live."

"Really?" Karen asked as her eyebrows rose involuntarily in a form of surprise. She tried to remain focused on her own appearance, but instead, stole a quick glance at the dainty, evenly tanned silhouette behind the opaque glass. The outline mesmerized her as every infinitesimal, yet perfect line and curve of her friend's body was noted and stored in the back of her cerebrum.

"I'm so serious, Care Bear," Anna said with a lighthearted giggle. "You were always my exception. I mean," her voice became quieter, meeker and more afraid, "I mean, if I had the chance, I would have kissed you every evening before I slept. I really have always loved you more than I've ever loved Craig or Derek or anyone that came before." Her words were labored and Karen thought she heard Anna utter a shuddering sob. Tears slowly fell down her cheeks before Anna broke the tension with a lighthearted, "Plus, I would totally have screwed you at least a hundred times by now."

Karen opened her mouth to speak but realized that she did not possess the words. All she could manage to say, as her heart rate accelerated with anticipation was, "You promise?"

There was a sudden lull so the only sound was that of the pounding water and Anna's heavy, yet rhythmic breathing. She turned and crossed her arms in any attempt to shield herself from Karen's piercing gaze. She could almost feel those contemplative hazel eyes scrutinizing her as they board into the back of her skull. "Of course I promise," she said quietly as she rinsed the Herbal Essences conditioner out of her long, black hair and stole a glance toward Karen, wondering what she would say next.

Words did not seem necessary as Karen discretely unbuttoned her shirt and pants. As she did that, her skin broke out in gooseflesh, partly from excitement and partly from the chill. She shed her white cotton undergarments and removed the pins from her hair so that it cascaded over her full breasts in auburn waves. She felt utterly exposed and self- conscious, yet she opened the glass door and stepped inside.

"Care Bear, what are you doing?" Anna asked in a quivering voice as she daringly embraced her best friend.

"I hope you keep your promises, Anna Banana," Karen replied as she kissed her softly and brushed the wet hair out of her friend's face. It was as if a bridge had finally been erected in the gap between them. They had been friends since freshman year of High School, but neither of them had expected anything such as this. Both had suspected (or hoped) for something more, but neither had ever actually had the courage to act on those emotions.

Their lips parted for only a moment as they collapsed into each other's arms. The two women were breathing heavily, possibly from the lack of oxygen and possibly from the heightened apprehension of that moment. The scalding water mingled with the sweat on her brow, but they were both oblivious to all distractions.

'She wears cherry lip-gloss,' Anna noticed and remembered for future reference. Gently, she bit Karen's lower lip as they kissed and sank into the full passion of the moment. 'Maybe I should switch to cherry lip- gloss.'

Simultaneously, Karen thought, 'Raspberry lip-gloss' in the moments when her tongue was still pleading entrance to Anna's mouth. When their tongues touched, but were overcome by a curious fear of going to far or possibly spoiling everything. Anna lightly tapped her tongue against the roof of Karen's mouth in a surprisingly forceful manner. They parted, gasping for air before they once again dove in for another fleeting moment of passion.

"Why didn't you ever tell me before?" Karen asked suddenly as she held her close.

"I suppose I could ask you the same question," Anna retorted with a mischievous smirk.

The water enveloped Karen, plastering her hair to her forehead as she was overcome by Anna's intoxicating scent. It was a wild and distinctly female, like that of a ravenous jungle cat. They kissed in a passionate frenzy, as if each needed the oxygen the other was breathing. Their lips parted and they stared into each other's honest eyes for what felt like lifetimes or whatever lay between. Those windows conveyed their exact feelings at that moment and swirled in a perfection that neither had known.

"I thought you were going to be late for class," Anna said jokingly as she ran her fingers through Karen's hair and let one hand travel down the curve of her spine. The skin was like silk underneath her fingertips, and Karen was so thin that Anna could count each individual vertebrae.

"So I'll be late," Karen said with a large grin as her lips detoured to Anna's earlobe. Her tongue danced in quick circles around the edge as her hot breath whispered the various things she had always longed to do to Anna (or that she had longed Anna to do to her) behind closed doors. Her teeth found their way to the base of Anna's neck, where she bit greedily at the muscle near her shoulder. Anna gasped in surprise at this gesture and Karen could feel the placement of nerves and tissues beneath the almost broken skin.

The blood trickled past her lips and she licked hungrily at the crimson liquid. This stained her lips a vibrant shade of vermilion and made the rest of her complexion pale and sickly by comparison. Slowly, she licked her lips and relished the salty taste of the already congealing liquid.

The kisses continued to her breast, as a faint line of scarlet remnants appeared in their wake. Karen's tongued flickered in light circles over her friend's erect pink nipples. As she did this, a slight moan escaped Anna's lips and softly reverberated against the tile walls.

The water suddenly turned to ice against their skin as all the hot water in the house had been exhausted. They ran out, screaming and shivering because they had forgotten to retrieve towels or robes. They emerged in Anna's room, followed closely by a cloud of steam, and fell upon the already rumpled bedspread. They lay there for several minutes, giggling and playfully exploring each other's bodies with tentative fingers. They did not speak, but somehow understood each other, even with the infinite gap that had always separated them.

Anna's trembling fingers slowly progressed down Karen's chest and abdomen, halting suddenly just before the place where her thighs met.

"What's wrong?" Karen asked as Anna kissed her chest and stomach.

"Nothing at all," Anna said with a slight smile as their bodies moved closer together, sharing the heat that had been lost only moments before. She moved closer, and their lips hesitantly touched again before she said, "I'm just savoring the moment, that's all." Her tongue to the back of Karen's mouth as Anna's left hand found its way to her breast. She cupped it in the palm of her small hand and both suddenly became aware of their overwhelming need for each other, along with the other's intense fragility. Each felt horridly powerless; as if, at any moment, they might break into hundreds of unrecognizable pieces in the other's arms.

"You know I love you more than anything," Karen said between frantic kisses. She rubbed her forearms against the sides of Anna's neck, and she could feel Anna's weight pressing down upon her.

"I know," Anna whispered as she moved down Karen's body. "I love you too." She gasped as Karen's sharp nails dug into her shoulder blades. She smirked, and returned the favor by rewarding Karen with a hard bite on the collarbone.

Anna moved her head down Karen's body and buried herself between her legs. Timidly, she began to tongue her clit as she simultaneously probed inside her using her middle and index fingers. Anna could feel the pressure on her shoulders increase along with the rate of Karen's breathing.

Quickly, Karen could feel herself being uncontrollably swept away like a kite in a hurricane. 'This is the reason I always liked women,' Karen thought to herself as she tangled her fingers in her friend's hair and rolled her hips, 'they always know exactly what to do to please another.' She arched her back and let her eyelids flutter spastically as the rate of Anna's welcome intrusions increased. The blood was pounding in her temple and over her entire lower body. With amazing speed and precision, Anna had carried her in an updraft directly to a euphoric sense of being that remained unfathomable. Karen desperately tried to hold on to that sweetness that comes with anticipation, but gave way to a deep moaning in the back of her throat. She had tried anxiously to ride the crest of the wave; to not succumb to the pleasures that awaited her, but she collapsed and was entirely swept away in sporadic, orgasmic waves.

Karen lay breathing heavily, utterly exhausted as Anna emerged licking the juices from her lips. Her playful expression had subsided and she was now entirely serious and in dire need to express whatever was racing through her mind. Karen was about to speak, as Anna placed a trembling kiss upon her lips, willing her not to speak.

They lay in each other's arms, for God knows how long, listening to their even breathing and rhythmic heart beats.

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