Inspired by a conversation I had with jess (fp name - StArRyEyEdoX)

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up to the sickening realization of what life is really about
Your still in this fairytale sleep
Life isn't meant to be this easy
Don't wait around anymore for life to kick you in the ass
Face it
Face it
Face it face to face
Kick it in the ass before it can get to you
You think life will always be this simple
You think life will always be this simple?
Life will only be this easy for a matter of years
You haven't realized that yet
Few people have at this age
But you should just
Wake up
Wake up
From this blissful imitation of a life
It's not real
It's not real
You write about this fake life and how great it is
It isn't great
It's a dollar store imitation
It'll break soon
It'll break soon
Wake up before it does
So you'll be prepared for it to break
Realize the truth
Stop living in a fake reality
Blissfulness comes in short periods of time
And this one is almost up for you
Wake up
Wake up
Before it ends
So you can be prepared for the worst
I hope it sucks for you more than it did for me
So you can kick yourself for not being prepared
But you should try to be prepared
For the sickening realization of what life is really all about
I guess that's as clear as I can make it for you
The rest you'll have to learn by yourself
I hope it sickens you to death
Because then you'll know what life is really about