I am putting this story idea here so I don't forget it. . . tell me your reaction no matter how stupid you may think it is, b/c it probably isn't and I'll probably use your idea, and that would be really cool.

This is a different type of fantasy, so it isn't in the fantasy section. . . I make up history and I make up the laws.

Laws Are For Judges To Make and Break
In 1801, the town of Jadsenfown, a perfect harmony exists between the citizens. Each person has a job, almost everyone has a farm. However, there is also competition between the folks for the better farm to have better stature. Which leads the town to Harold Johnson, the revered town judge, known for his fairness, equality, upholding of the law, and much more. When a case is rumored in part of town, it does not take long for most of the town to flock to the court to hear this great man hand out his ruling.
He is so revered that he helps the sheriff make decisions as to arrest someone for a theft or drunken act. Each day he walks through town, the whole town admires him.
However, little Annie knows something about this judge that can break his career and reputation up to the point of no return. But there is that rule of "children should be seen and not heard," and everyone respects it. But if Annie doesn't tell someone soon, she could end up being hurt in more ways than one. . .