The Characters

Jamie Fargo - Being the son of a preacher isn't easy and Jamie is constantly having bad run ins with 'The Blood Kings' gang. But he tries to survive and serve God as much as he can even though it is almost impossible.

Tim Fargo - A kind ,but strict, man Tim Fargo tries his best to make Jamie, his son's life easier. But he is unable to help Jamie in the end.

Members of 'The Blood Kings' gang

Chad Hanson - Fifteen-year-old Chad Hanson is very mature for his age, perhaps too mature. He finds enjoyment in torturing Jamie Fargo but he goes to far in the end and his life will never be the same again.

Jason Gordon - A fourteen-year-old boy who is in 'The Blood Kings' gang. Jason is really good at heart but he does what he does just to be accepted.

Mike Kenton - (A Minor Character) Mike is thirteen and the youngest member of the gang. He will do whatever Chad says no matter what it is. But in the end Mike wishes he had followed his own conscious instead of following Chad.

Shane Johnson - (A Minor Character) Shane is a very stubborn and independent teenage boy. Just like Mike, Shane remains faithful to Chad but in the end he regrets doing so.

Chapter 1 by writerforever

Faithfulness and kindness may be called week. Love and forgiveness may be called foolishness. That's what everyone thought about those things. That's why they hated the boy who practiced and had love, forgiveness, kindness, and faithfulness. Everyone at the Irvine high school hated fourteen-year-old Jamie Fargo. He was different in many ways. He was a tall boy with black hair and friendly blue eyes. He always wore plain tee-shirts and just a simple pair of blue jeans, while many of the other kids went with the flow and dressed in the baggy jeans, tattoos, and piercings. In his left jean pocket Jamie carried a little New Testament Bible. He always sat alone at lunch because no one wanted to be around him. Being the son of a preacher wasn't easy. All of the other teenagers found it easier to mock and ridicule the 'preacher's boy'. To everyone Jamie lived a miserable and dull life but he always seemed to be happy and cheerful, or so everyone thought.

Jamie Fargo and his father had moved to Irvine, Kentucky when Jamie was nine-years-old. His father, Tim Fargo, began pastoring a small church in town and Jamie started attending the Irvine school. As the years passed by Jamie was happy and he was always nice to everyone and he always had a word of hope to give. But as Jamie became a teenager life became harder.

It was the year of 1997 that everything went into motion. The Irvine, Kentucky high school was filled with teenagers as they rushed through the halls trying to get to their classes. Among the teenagers was the gang of teenage boys called 'The Blood Kings'. That was what they called themselves. The gang consisted of four boys, fifteen-year-old Chad Hanson who was the leader, fourteen-year-old Jason Gordon, and two other boys, Mike and Shane. This gang of pierced, tattooed, and cruel teenage boys was known and feared throughout the school. They were the rebels of the schooland were always causing trouble. On this day they stood in the hallway and watched as Jamie Fargo came walking down the hallway with his school books clutched to his chest.

"Hey look. Here comes 'Jesus himself'," Chad said chuckling. The other boys laughed and as Jamie passed by Chad laughed, "Saved any souls today?" Chad asked sarcastically. Jamie stopped and turned to Chad with a smile, "I don't save souls Chad, only God can save souls." "What is with you and all that crap?" Chad asked. "Well, I don't see that it is 'crap'. It's really great to know God Chad," Jamie said as he turned and walked away.

That Friday night Jason went to Chad's house, which was in town. Jason and Chad sat in Chad's bedroom flipping through dirty magazines the night. Chad's parents were downstairs getting supper ready. At the age of fourteen Jason Gordon was a tall boy with brown hair and green eyes. He had joined Chad's gang three months ago and he loved the thrill of being able to do what he wanted. His parents disproved of him hanging out with Chad and the gang but Jason didn't care. Actually he liked rebeling against them.

"Hey look at this?" Chad said as he threw Jason a magazine from where he sat on the bed. Jason took the magazine and laughed as he flipped through it. "How did you get these magazines?" Jason asked. "I jacked em' from that little bookstore," Chad said.

The boys were soon called to dinner and after they had eaten they came back upstairs. It was there that they came up with a terrible plan. "I have the coolest idea!" Jason said as he picked up one of the dirty magazines. "What? Spill it," Chad said smiling. "Well, you know how Jamie is about sex and all that stuff. He gets so embarrassed when we talk about it in front of him and stuff. Monday, why don't we show him one of these magazines?" Jason said smiling wickedly. Chad laughed and hit Jason on the back, "That is the greatest idea! We'll get the worst magazine I have and push it right in his face. It will be so funny," Chad said. The two boys fell onto their backs on the bed laughing.

Just a few blocks from the Hanson's house was the Fargo's house. It was a small house with an inviting look. Anyone was welcome and during the day many of the neighbors would stop by to chat with Pastor Tim Fargo while Jamie fixed coffee and tea for them. On this night Jamie and his father sat in the living room reading. It was something they did every night. Jamie would sit on the couch and his father would sit in the big blue recliner and they would read. Tonight they were reading some of Shakespeare's plays, although they had read them countless times.

"Jamie, would you mind fixing some tea?" Tim asked his son kindly. Jamie closed Hamlet and went into the kitchen to fix some tea. As he stood in the kitchen waiting for the tea to get done, Jamie stared out the window at the starry night sky. A sense of loneliness rushed over him and he sighed deeply.

To be continued. . .

P.s. I promise that this will get more exciting and more intriguing as the story continues on. I'm just trying to get everything in place right now.