The Story Of A Tomb

Once upon a time I was hollow
now fear flows into me and fills me up
Once I had a dream to follow
now there is pain to swallow, cup by cup

And inside of me there are gardens of green
eternal and hidden from light
Yet they are laid waste, nothing's as it's been
A universe swallowed by night

And a hot desert storm roams my endless mind
leaving dead end roads and forlorn oases
Could it be, that there's still water to find
for the dried out roots of my thought-bases

It rips and it rips and it tears on and on inside
Dark leafs have fallen from dead dream-trees
building the foundation of all wishes which died
And fear comes like the flood, like a disease

Like a swarm of locusts creeping under my skin
feeding on my intestines and numbing my senses
My heart turned to a forgotten tomb deep within
spelling a curse on whoever crosses its fences