To Them

The path of life
is build by many men
All my strife
it was just for them

I was wandering so long
endless roads to neverland
And they steped along
tought me to understand

Some forgotten, some forsaken
but they are a part of me
They are the medicine I've taken
the glasses to make me see

For them I often wish and pray
To them I dedicate these lines
To everyone who brightened my day
or once taught me the signs

Which oncoming things may show
In a bad way or in a good one
it just matters how to know
and where to point the gun

Hearts got broken, blood got spilled
Prophecies mistaken or some fulfilled
To them who made me love and hate
I honour them for being part of my fate

Bless them for taking my wrongs
and may the bless me for my rights
May due be paid to whom it belongs
light to days, darkness to nights