No- No.
That's wrong.
It's unclear and abstract
It's too broad and unexact.
I must find a way
to let you into my world.
To make you feel what I feel-
To make you understand-
To make it real.


But no-
That's not right either.
You still can't see it in your mind-
It's still too vague and undefined.
But I need you to-
Don't you see?
You have to feel it-
Be overwhelmed- flooded-
And believe it.


Maybe? No.
I can't explain it.
It's too big to put into words and-
I just can't make you understand.
It's more than anything
people can comprehend.
It's bigger, I think- somehow-
Bigger than everything ever-
Bigger than all of now.


No? I figured.
But I had- I have- to try.
Maybe imagery could let you see-
Could let you feel it and make you free.
Maybe a doll sitting, dirty, on the mantle
because it was there for me when times were tough.
But I don't think so-
And neither do you.
I can tell- I know.


You're still not happy.
I can tell that you don't like it.
You'll say that it's too overused-
unoriginal and confused.
But these are my life-
they're what I am.
I might not use words that are new.
You think they then have no meaning-
But to me they do.


Don't like it? I don't care.
If I thought your eyes weren't shut on purpose-
I might mind- but I know they are .
You think my world is silly
and not truly really real.

But if my life's just an abstract cliche-
It's only because
I like it that way.