A panicked shuffle through the sand,
Melancholy trickling across the air,
I run in a forest of fallen leaves, and,
The sky turns red with a resonating blare.

In my head all is mixed up, confusing,
Images flash through my mind from the past,
All things I thought gone are forming
Again in my spirit, to punish me at last.

Skimping across candy clouds with rainbows,
My tears slip into a white endless abyss,
For what is happening no one knows
And now I am in a threatening, illogical bliss.

Little creatures of the underworld fight at my feet,
I feel I'm trapped in a picture of melting clocks
And as I pass, Satan and Gabriel embraced I greet.
Today the earth spins no more and the sky mocks.

I feel two things inhuman search for each other,
And my despair grows, I feel evil and spite.
The world changes, my body burns with fever,
Everything holds its breath, as we plunge into the night.

But it is not night we plunge in; all is gone,
And as I look up into the sky I see a new glow,
Everything around me shines a pure white alone,
This is the end and I feel my soiled being go.

There is no place for humans in this new world,
And I disappear, for in this place there is no hate
I believe it was indeed time for us to be hurled
Out of the beautiful garden we used to devastate.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: This is based on an apocalyptic dream I had when I was about four. It
is something I always thing about, it's always somewhere at the back of my
mind and I wanted to make sure I'd never forget it because it was unlike
anything I'd ever seen before.I've tried describing it.

I would never have thought of making a poem out of it if it hadn't been for
Heather Montgomery's beautiful poem on the same theme: