The Promise
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenith day of May when Roger
O'Connell has returned to his home town of Yonkers
To fulfill a promise that he had to a woman
Whose beauty would help her snare any man,
For she happens to look like the singer named Cher.

Her name was Monica DiScala,whose father was the king
Of the entire industry of furniture making--
And ever since they had laid their eyes on each
Other,they've noticed that they were within an arm's reach
Of the one person who was thinking exactly the same thing.

However,it wasn't meant to be,because he was about
To go away to Iraq,where they're having another bout
Of fist in mouth disease,but he had promised her
That one day he should return to her
And prove to her that he knows what true love is all about.

It's now one year
Since he had looked at her face with a complexion so clear
And beautiful and told her that he was going to
Go to Iraq and fight in the war against terror through
The bitter end and without any sign of fear.

But instead of getting married to another guy,
Monica had waited the whole year by
Remembering the promise that he had made to her:
That he would one day return and be with her
Forever--and he won't even dare try
To get out of it,because he'll be pleased to share the same bed
With the woman he'll soon wed.