Now and Then
~A good bye poem. It's sort of like a continuation of another poem I wrote,
'I Wish I Knew, back when I was still crushed over losing a friend so this
is how I feel about it now. Thanks for reading! ~

I'd cry at night wishing I knew what I had done to cause this long drift
between us
My mouth can't seem to smile
My eyes can't seem to stop its tears
My heart can't be at ease
All because of this-this distance between you and me

It's been so long since I've received a smile from you
It's been so long since I last heard you laugh
It's been so long since I've spoke your name
It's been so long since we've been friends

Sometimes I wish I knew why you hate me
Sometimes I wish I knew the words to say
But, more than anything, I wish I knew why
Why things have to be this way

I used to think I couldn't go on without you by my side
I used to think that this pain would never go away
But life lessons have taught me right from wrong
Loss and heartache have showed me how to say goodbye

I cried tonight
Because I finally know the truth about the two of us
I finally know the reason why
It's not my fault and neither of us is the one to blame
Everything happens for a reason, we're just not meant to be