Chapter 1


I knew that when mom got the crazy idea to send me to a summer camp
that was located beside Tampert Lake, my life was going down the drain. I
mean, come on, what kind of a person builds a camp beside Tampert Lake?
The lake was located in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the
woods. Most camps are in the woods, but most camps are for normal kids,
I knew that mom's main reason for sending me to Camp Tampert was
because she thought that I was a problem. A BIG problem. She thought that
maybe Camp Tampert's strict owners and counselors would straighten me
out. She had no idea.
It all started one rainy Saturday afternoon in the middle of June. I
was sitting up in my room playing my electric guitar (which, I might add,
my mother hates) when she came into my room with that maybe-if-I-smile-a-
lot-she-won't-notice-anything face on. I immediately got suspicious.
"All right, mom, what is it?" I asked. Right away that face was gone.
"Honey, I've decided that maybe you should go to Camp Tampert for the
rest of the summer. It starts in two weeks, and ends four days before
school starts. It would be good for you to get out of the house for a
I knew that what she was saying was that she wanted to get rid of me
for the rest of the summer, because I was being a major pain in the butt.
I sighed and put down my guitar.
"Mom," I said in that kind of voice that you use with little kids when
they don't understand something. "I don't want to go to Camp Tampert, or
any other camp, for that matter. I want to stay here for the summer. And,
who would be crazy enough to build a camp beside Tampert Lake?"
Mom got that kind of look where she looks like she's disappointed,
mad, and sad at the same time. You've seen it. It's also her I'm-the-one-
who-makes-the-decisions-around-here look.
"Taryen, you're going to that camp, whether you like it or not. My
mind was already made up. I just wanted to talk it over with you first,
to make you understand. Will you please think about it?"
Not answering her, my face in a neutral expression, I picked my guitar
back up and began to play, not even hearing when mom slammed the door and
went outside and started the car. Not even caring.