In the Shadows, I lie in wait.
Hardly breathing, never moving.
My eyes scanning the my local area,
As the cool wind feels so soothing.

My gun in my hands feels so heavy
After holding it for so long.
I breathe in, I breathe out
In my mind plays an old war song.

And suddenly, my target arrives.
In front of the trees in which I hide
I line him up in my scope
And silently count to three inside.
Now, He's in my crosshairs.
His head is so very naked.
My long barrel points in his direction,
I'll never get shot, he once said.

I pull the trigger, and my bullet hits the mark.
As the confusion rises, I hear the dogs bark.
I leave silently, and stealthily.
I guess they'll never know it was me.

All in a day's work as the sniper.