The pain inside is relentless,
Never giving me the satisfaction of peace.
I can't find inner peace ever again.
The pain has become unbearable.

Please, set me free from the pain.
Let me feel the freedom again.
Don't let me suffer like this.
The pain has become intolerable.

Now that you know how I feel inside,
Will you let me just die inside?
Won't you try and save me from this hell?
Won't you set my soul and heart free from torment?

You are the only one, my love
That can pull me out of this pit.
So why don't you? Don't I mean anything to you?
Doesn't our friendship mean a thing?


Is it just that you don't value our friendship?
But you're just too scared that you'll hurt me?
And that you don't care for me, like you say you do?
In that case, just say so.
And let me just leave you, like I tried to.
But couldn't because I value your heart.
So don't think that hiding your thoughts from me
Is actually a good thing
Because I need to get away from you


You are my pain
My unbearable, intolerable pain.