I think to myself
I don't need love
That I don't need anything
That I'll get over you
That I'll find another
One that's better than you


When I stop lying to myself
I realise
Than it's YOUR love I crave for
YOUR kisses I yearn for
YOUR sweet embrace I dream for
YOUR touch I cry for

My heart won't take it
It can't comprehend why
You can't be mine
It doesn't care what it takes
It just wants you
It needs you


You won't give me what I need
You won't let me kiss you
You won't embrace me the way I need you to
You don't want my love
Because it means nothing to love someone


I won't ask you for it no more
I won't ask for you love no more
I'll never bring it back up
You'll think I've moved on
You'll think that we're just friends again
And that I don't dream of you anymore


Inside, I'll dream
I'll yearn
I'll crave
I'll desire
I'll cry

Because I'm hurt
Because I love you