Wrap me in a quilt of mosaic colors
on this beach side with spirals of
blue shifting into dark teal shades;
and the pinkish sunset hanging,
kissing and entwining the ocean side.
Little red and orange sprinkles in the
water with droplets of vermilion,
spiraling its remnants in front of me.
The ocean, with coral shining in its
glory with seaweed tangling as well.
And here as I lay on the quilt,
my back pressed up against the sand,
as I splash a new color out as...
it reaches the ocean and paints the
world a new shade, no destruction.
A color to change pigments and
shades of gray, black and white,
and now the world will not be seen
like a photograph, colorless;
the tarnish becomes a new shade,
and now I lay back, watching the
show like fireworks casting off.