These bars, this cage.
No room to run,
No chance to fly.
My stolen freedom
Lies just on the other side.
Out of reach,
Beyond my strength,
But always on my mind.

Frustration taunts me,
Laughs in my face
As I sit helpless.
These people see me, caught in my cage,
But they don't understand.
They can't see my anguish,
The weight of being helpless
Stealing the smile from my face.

I've never been so helpless.
I've always managed on my own.
Now there's nothing I can do
But sit here in my cage and wait.
I see my friends
From behind these bars.
I try, but I can't fight the
Jealousy that darkens my mind.

Someday I will again be free,
But waiting is so hard.
My impatience won't let me rest.
I pace angrily beside this door.
Soon I will be set free,
And the darkness will be gone.
Until then I will sit here,
In my cage, behind these bars,
And dream about my chance to fly.