Anime Girl

Just because I am a girl
And I am in your world
Doesn't mean you have the right to push me 'round.
I may like the same things as you
And I can play just like you do
Doesn't mean I'm a threat to who you think you are.
I may be a girl, but i'm not an idiot!
I'm a person and I want you to see that.
I may be cold, but only 'cuz I'm misunderstood!
I'm just trying to quell the fire inside of you.
I'll remain here... as the anime girl.
Just because I'm a fighter
And I wanna rise higher
Doesn't men I'm gonna count you out.
I may be just as strong as you
And I can counter every move
Doesn't mean I wish that you were gone
I seek acceptance in a world
Where I am deemed a useless girl
But I can tell there's more to me than that!
I'll remain here... as the anime girl.