Meka/Megan Grimes, May 16/17, 2004

My eyes gaze into yours,
Dark lost pools of blue,
I turn around and turn away
From everything I knew.

Your hand brushes my shoulder,
But I'm pushing you away,
Empty promises can't replace
Our lies in shades of grey.

If we had stopped to listen,
To hear our broken whispers,
We would have come to realize
That our reality was only of misty blurs.

Now the wind is screaming,
And the rain is falling hard,
If we were made of glass before
Now we are dancing upon the shards.

Weary of staring into our fractured mirror,
And fearing what I had seen,
Wishing I could change the reflection,
But not knowing what had come unseamed.

If love was black and white,
As simple as yes or no,
Maybe we would have gotten farther
And not have had to fall so low.

We were both lost in the shadows,
But we weren't together,
Each searching for the light
And seeking only answers.

Neither of us had been happy,
I had been alone and so had you,
But together we had been nothing
Maybe as one we could find what we couldn't together as two.

The stars are the only true light to guide us,
And a shiver now runs down my spine,
My heart is aching painfully
For around you is where they shine.

Pausing, my body seems to turn to ice,
Your fingertips are resting delicately on my waist,
Your breath is soft upon my neck
My soul cries as I feel my heart begin to break.

The warmth of your hand grazes my skin,
All the memories we shared surging through me,
I thought that leaving would make it better
But now I know you are what sets me free.

I turn to reach to you,
My eyes no longer dark, only tender and kind,
We can mend our wounds with this new light,
And leave our tears and blood behind.

We won't have to fall so low,
If we don't gaze into mirrors,
Reflections are only fantasies,
That are never real and always unclear.

We can't expect to see reality,
When we are living in fantasy lands,
In mirrors you can only see what you want,
Visions that you can never hold in your hands.

I had wanted you to listen,
But I myself had never heard you speak,
I had wanted you to hear my words
But I was too deaf and weak.

And now we've changed under the moonlight,
Our rivers crossing as one,
Our realities are merging again
Our lives together are not done.

No longer blind by the deceptions,
No longer balanced on wisps of feathers,
Now that we can understand ourselves,
We can understand each other.

Past our own confusion,
And past the clouds that haunted our hearts,
We are born again free of darkness
And a new dream we can start.

Chained to the answers that we couldn't reach,
Holding on to each other, but having lost ourselves within,
Now that we aren't deaf and blind,
Our love can continue again.

As one, instead of two,
As we were for so long,
We can begin everything again.
As a beautiful melody in a song.

I feel this truly now, and so do you,
I take your hand in mineā€¦
Together we will start anew,
And see what we can find.