A/N: This one is a weird one... But it makes you think what if? I will describe the story behind it if you still don't get it... This one is called my Step girlfriend. It might be a song!

I asked her out
back in December
we fell in love
can you remember

we went out
for about a year
her dad, my mom
both met, that's weird

they were both single
divorced but true
Yeah you know who I', talkin' 'bout
I'm talkin' 'bout you

You got married
to my girlfriends dad
this is the best girlfriend
that I've ever had

Now she is my
step sister
she's also my girlfriend
at least she was untill you made a twister

(Repeat Chorus)

The girl I love more than anything
Is one of my step sisters it's true
Mom, Step dad
I'm gonna kill both of you.

After note: The song is about a guy and a girl who fall in love and their parents get married so the have to be step siblings which makes it kinda gross to go out... All because of their stupid parents... It is not a true story... It might be somewhere else but not for me! R+R PLEASE!