Embrace the shadows of the dark,
Know you aren't alone,
Kiss the winds of winter,
Bring the lonely home.

Calculate your life's success,
Laugh in the face of fear,
Write riddles of the life we lead,
Break the devil's mirror.

Stroke the darkness of the night,
Brave the darkest path,
Reach out to those with lighted souls,
Terminate the wrath.

Shoot an arrow to the stars,
Reach out to those in need,
Pour out the love of your heart,
Kill the endless greed.

Skate upon a lake of dreams,
Write the language of your heart,
Act out who you are meant to be,
Be unafraid of Cupid's dart.

Unlock the secrets of the world,
Smile when injustice ends,
Help those of unfair lies,
Reach out to all your friends.

Ride into destiny's sunset,
Leave misery behind,
Love the touch of freedom,
Feel your despair unwind.

Roll the dice of your fate,
Weave your tapestry,
Deal out the cards of your life's path,
Dance, for you are free.