I see the gun in my head
So much anger in my veins
It just drives into my heart
Saying, "Pull the trigger!"
My anger rages like hell's fire
I don't know how or why
It's just raging in my blood
I see the gun
And I see your head
Drive it into your skull
My gun is like the blade for the ones that slice
A quicker death
More blood to spill
As I sit in my class
And hear the teacher rant
I bang my head on the desk
Since I don't own a gun
I'll kill some brain cells
As I bash my head into the wall
I watch the blood drip down my face
Am I making a dent yet?
This anger coursing thru my veins
If I could bring it out in a sphere
It'd be a huge black ball
Coursing with the energy of my anger
So as I sit and watch
I see the gunpoint to your head
I pull the trigger to end this anger
But then I realize my world's turning black
Crimson falls down my face
I'm fading from existence
And I look in the mirror and see
That I'm the one dying
I didn't know myself anymore
That I put to the gun to my head and shot
So it turns out as I sit here dying
It was me that was you
You were I
And I was you
I killed myself to get away from myself