And so, I've become unchained
From your torment, and my dependence of you
I've gotten over you now
I've finally found some one new.
You see, you're no longer on my mind,
And I've lost my dependence, I think you'll find.

I used to be so foolish, so blind.
I used to think you were 'The One'.
I guess I was wrong.
I guess I can finally say 'so long'.
Now, my true love awaits outside
And she wants to stay by my side.

And now, you feel like such the loser.
And now, you feel like such the fool.
I guess you should've loved me,
And stopped acting so very, very cool.
Now we can see, who is laughing last,
As you are now officially, part of my past.

So stop falling to your knees and begging me to stay,
As I walk out of the door.
Because I finally realised
You're not worth it anymore.