I guess it can't be wrong to love you
Because we walked down the aisle and said 'We do'.
I guess that you truly love me,
Because you make me smile so easily.

I guess that I finally made the right decision,
Because you blow away my pain with such precision.
I guess you are truly my saviour,
I guess you really know my flavour.

I can't express in words, the way you make me feel,
Or how all my wounds, you always seem to heal.
You blow me a kiss across the street,
Always just before we take a seat.
Now, isn't that neat?

I guess now I can stop flirting around
And stop chatting up all the girls I found.
I guess it's time for me to settle down,
And to stop with ending my days with a frown.
Because, I guess, it's true love with you
And I can finally stop feeling so blue.
And I can stop looking for some one new.