by K's Moonshadow

You wonder why
I wear my watch up so high
But if I told you
What would you do?

Because if I bear
What is under there
Nothing would be the same
Life's such a pain.

I'd probably lie
Ready to fly
What can I say?

Just leave me alone
Go on, go home
I don't want you to know
Can't let it show.

Please don't ask me
It's something you can't see
A sign of a weak moment
Surely you'd know it.

A scar, two inches long
Made by a razor strong
Now it's almost night
No time to figure out my life.

I can't let you see
It shows too much of me
So it must hide
No proof of how I cried

I know you wonder why
I wear my watch up so high
Please, just don't ask me
Can't you hear my plea?

You're better off not knowing
So I'm not showing
Then you don't have to care
I'll just have to bear

Not have to share
This scar that remains
Between my watch
And me.