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Mistress Ghost

Chapter Thirteen:

The all too familiar villa loomed up in front of my very eyes. A fleeting image of myself ran across my eye. Tears welled up as I headed to the door. The cook Essie opened it with a bright smile, wielding her soup ladle.

"Why hello Master Kaiel. It has truly been a long time. Do come in. I believe Merrick is washing up your young Adrien as we speak. He will be down as soon as he as finished. Please, do come in."

The old woman knew why I was here. That little glint in her eyes told me so. She was no fool. And neither was I. I wasn't about to turn my back on this feisty ladle wielding woman. Many a time I'd felt the smack from her ladle both during and after being a slave to Merrick. I was surprised there were no dents in the old thing. She used to chase us around the kitchen, threatening us when we did not clean up the dust and bits of food fast enough.

"I've birthed 15 children and none of them moved as slow as you! Merrick is proof of that my young ones!"

Indeed, Merrick was Essie's offspring. Number 13 to be exact.

I remember her telling Galataea and I about Merrick's childhood, this was of course after we'd both become respectable Masters and Mistresses.

"Oh there were times I could have pulled my hair out with all my young ones. Their ages were so far apart, and the wee ones always wanted to tag along with the older ones."

"Ms. Essie, what are all your children's names?" I'd asked.

"The oldest is Maholya, then there's Hanaul, Perkinasuka, Vinrasu, Mishkavelinyenka, Sashoi, Bartolis, Athenakera, Erth, Sana, Gartola, Lecoliciv, Merrick, Janaul, and the baby of them all Doriensia."

"Wow, how did you ever keep them straight? Didn't you ever forget any of their names?"

"Oh no Kaiel, they all have their own characteristics. For instance, Mishkavelinyenka has silver hair, she was born that way. And Erth, well, he's the brooding type. Always sulking over one thing or another. Besides the fact that they are all so separated in age. My first children are nearly 24 years apart."

Essie was always bringing out her little picture book of tin-types. The pictures she'd collected over the years of her children, trips and memories. It was very hard to see these wonderful things only to realize who Merrick had become.

One winter night, I'd managed to get up the courage to ask Essie if anything had happened to Merrick as a child that would have made him the way he was. She frowned and thumped me on my nose.

"Young man, I never once laid a hand to any of my children if that's what you're implying. I was always very fair with them and never even so much as raised my voice. All they needed was one little look from me and they obeyed me. Years ago, Merrick used to joke with his brothers and sisters that the reason he is the way he is because I never did take the back of my hand to him." She chuckled and poured us all a hot cup of tea. Just then, Merrick walked in from the market. Snowflakes stuck in his hair.

"Talking about me again are you mother? You know I don't like that. Especially to these two, they might get ideas about me."

"Come now my darling. A little chatter never hurt anyone."

Merrick leaned down and kissed his mother on the forehead, a gleam of malice in his eyes as he looked at the both of us.

It astounded me even then to realize that his whole family knew what he did to people and that they were ok with it all. His mother was his cook for God's sake, and lived in the very house that these humiliating, torturous acts were being committed.

"Yes, yes. Mother never once spanked me. And I blame this all on her." Merrick chuckled.

Never once had I ever heard him laugh, except when he was being particularly nasty.

Seeing Essie now brought tears to my eyes and I subconsciously touched my nose.

"Why don't you come sit down by the fire Kaiel, if got some tea on the fire and fresh Parael pastries on the table? Wait here and I will go see if Merrick is finished."

I sat down by the fire and admired the kitchen; nothing had changed over the years. All the pots and pans and utensils were where they had always been. Essie was never one to change too quickly. My mind was turning circles as I stared into the fire. Here I was protégé to Merrick, crazed sadist. In his house after so long, to get my beloved. I'd practically been invited in by his mother, bless her soul. She had to have known what was to come should I show up. Why would Merrick allow me to waltz right into his home and partake of his food and drink? I heard footsteps drawing nearer and recognized the sound of his boots.

"Ah, Kaiel, I see you've come to retrieve your dear little Adrien. He is very comfortable living here with me you know. He has no desire to come back with you."

"That's a lie Merrick. No one would ever want to live with you. The only reason your mother lives with you is because you pay her a large sum of money and she has no where else to go."

As sad as this was to say in front of Essie, it was the truth. Essie's other children were too busy in their own lives to want to take care of a poor old woman. They all loved her very much but couldn't or wouldn't take the time to help her. I heard a slight rustling as bare feet could be heard coming towards the door. It was my darling Adrien. I was slowly beginning to think that we would never be able to live together. From Miczeal to Galatea to Adrien's father and now Merrick. Everyone wanted him. He was the poster child for most kidnapped-adorable-submissive-of-the-year. And why? Why did they all want him?

"Adrien, I've come to get you." I rushed to his side.

He looked so weary. His eyes were half closed and he swayed back and forth once or twice.

"He's just a little tired shishlola ('child' or 'pupil' in Elvish). We all are. You need to let him go Kaiel. You've failed both as a lover and a master. You could not show this boy the true meaning of love and pain. You believe in love-taps. I on the other hand believe brute force is needed on such a boy as he."

" Merrick. Why must you stick your nose in everything? You found out about him from your little pet Galatea didn't you?!! You simply can't let go! You can't bear anyone else being happy can you?"

He slapped me hard across my face. Tears should have welled up in my eyes, with the force in which he hit me, but I'd become so numb to physical pain that it merely passed over me.

"Temper, temper my little one. I have an idea my cherub. You shall be my pet again, along with Adrien. It would appear that all I taught you did not sink in as well as I thought it would. Come now, pets, it's time for bed."

Was I in some strange sort of an illusion? Here I was, trying to take back my beloved from yet another crazy person from my past and all he wanted to do was add me to his many trophies.

"Give him back to me Merrick! Give him back now!"

With a wave of his hand, I flew backwards into the stone stove. My back throbbing at the impact.

"Essie darling, would you please bring Adrien to my room. I have to deal with this little imp."

That familiar smirk came across his face as he approached me, arms lowering to pick me up off the floor. He shoved me into the broom closet in the kitchen and locked it. I was used to this. Merrick was always locking us up in tight spaces when we didn't listen to him. I knew what was to come next. A swish of cloaks and the clack of his fine black walking cane could be heard exiting and then coming back just as swiftly as he'd left. He opened the door and dragged me out by my hair. I began to regress, to all of the horrible things we had to do. The countless things we'd have to put in our bodies in ways that weren't supposed to be. Being defiled and abused by him every day.

Suddenly, a shadow fell upon us. It was Essie with her ladle.

" Merrick, leave the boy alone. He meant nothing by it. Go off to bed and I'll deal with him myself."

"Mother I can…"

"Do as you're told…darling."

There was that look of hers. Merrick marched off in anger. Even now, many years later, he couldn't stand up to her.

"You had better go Kaiel. When he wakes up in the morning there's no telling what he will do. I'll let you out the back when he falls asleep. You were always my favorite out of you and Galatea."

"I must rescue Adrien…He's my…"

"No Kaiel, it was not meant to be. Merrick will never let you have him."

"But you, you could force him to give him back to me!! Essie, please!"

"I'm sorry my darling. But not even I can do that."

With that, I raced up to Merrick's room. Still where it was all those years ago, in the same condition with the same sheets and everything. The ceiling was covered in black silk that hung down to shoulder length; these were used to mount slaves so they had no way of getting away. My eyes were greeted by Adrien mounted on the large head-board. A large phallus protruding out of him. I wept seeing him. His eyes meeting mine with a silent plea. His mouth was gagged with a bit of silk rope. I knew Merrick was more than likely watching this, but didn't care. I rushed to his side, kissing every inch of him as I untied him and carefully lifted him off of the head-board.

"Come, we are not safe here. Merrick could be anywhere."

"Indeed I could."

With all my might, I hurled a fire ball at him, hitting him square on the chest and knocking him backwards out of the room through the wall. Dust and mortar was everywhere and when he stood up there was blood dripping from his forehead.

"You are going to regret that."

I grabbed for my sword but Merrick was too fast for me. He grabbed at the silk ribbons hanging from the ceiling and deftly wrapped it around my arms, pinning them behind me. He was truly good at what ever he did. He twirled the silk around his little finger and pulled, causing me to rise off of the floor and hang. He secured the silk from his finger to a little hook near the door and laughed.

"I thought you knew better than that my love? You've known me for such a long time now darling. I see now why you could not be like me. You could not learn the things I'd taught you. You are too soft, too shislouhau (immature)."

I felt his cane brush against my leg as he ripped away my clothes.

"Still as luscious as ever. How I've missed you!"

He stroked my thigh and walked over to Adrien who was now sobbing silently to himself.

"Comfortable my love? Of course not, but that is how I love it to be!"

I tried to reach towards my beloved's hand which only infuriated Merrick.

Merrick slapped my hand away and grabbed my throat in a death drip. He pierced his finger nails deep into my flesh and smiled.

"Uh-uh-uh my darling. He is mine now."

As if I were merely a tiny rag-doll, Merrick threw me against the wall and then proceeded to slap my face.

"You are going in the broom closet, so I can have my fun with Adrien." Growled Merrick as he led me to the dreaded broom closet. He shoved me in and locked the door.

It must have been hours that I spent in that closet. When the door finally opened, it was the dawning of a new day. I knew this because I could see a slight glimmer of the pale yellow sun poking through the key hole. I was pulled out by Merrick and then all went black.

I again woke to the light sun peeking through some curtains. I found myself hanging from the ceiling, wrapped in black silk to hold me. There was a sudden numbness in my legs and when I looked down I saw large gashes in my thighs and ankles, blood was streaming down onto the floor under me. My feet were nearly severed off! I could not understand why I felt no pain. A rush of blood went to my face as I saw Adrien standing next to Merrick. Merrick was holding a large knife with blood on it. Adrien stood sobbing and choking next to him. Whenever Adrien tried to come to me and console me, Merrick sent a shock through my darlings' hand. Merrick was going to kill me in front of my one true love!

"Good morning my darling Kaiel. I see you've noticed your new appendages. I'm not through with you yet."

Merrick threw Adrien on the ground and began to kick him into a tiny metal cage, where Adrien was forced to lie on his side, eyes looking at me. He had absolutely no room to move whatsoever. Merrick locked him in with three padlocks and then walked towards me, knife raised.

"Now, what shall we do with these arms eh? I don't want you touching my Adrien ever again, so what do you say I remove them for you, hm my darling?"

My eyes darted to my beloved who squeezed his eyes shut from the blood. Merrick grabbed my arm and raised his blade…

I remember first seeing my beloved, going through the forest together and spending that first night in my house. I couldn't let it end like this. The silk strained my arms and legs, making it difficult to even breathe. I centered myself and thought of my poor Adrien in that cage, weeping to himself. A bright golden light enveloped me, shooting out at Merrick and knocking him down.

"Merrick. I will not let you do this!" I shouted, amazed that I could still stand on my wounded legs.

Suddenly my legs were moving as if possessed. I grabbed Merrick by the throat and dragged him to his feet, slamming him against a wall. I grabbed at the silk bindings that had held me and lashed them around his body, kicking him to a corner.

"Shialo" I shouted at him, causing him to go still like a statue. I had no idea I had this much power. To be able to immobilize someone even at my age and experience was never heard of. I rushed to my beloved.

"Adrien, oh Adrien. Shhh, I'm here."

I fumbled with the lock and out of sheer desperation tore the top of the cage off with my bare hands. Blood poured down my wrists from the metal scraping against them as I lifted him into my arms.

"We are going far away from here, where no one will ever find us!"

I carried my love out of the room just as Essie rushed past us.

"My poor son! What have you done to him?!"

"What have I done to him?! Look you monster, he is the epitome of evil. He is the slime of this earth, naw the shadows. Mark my words my lady, that if I ever see him near us again I will rip his heart out with my bare hands!"

With these parting words and a look of terror on Essie's face I breezed out of the door.

"Hush now my love. We're safe now."


Author's Note-I will eventually write the story aforementioned on this chapter as well as a sequel to this. I can't leave you all hanging like this. I just need to go to the past before I can go to the future. I hop this ending works out better. And thanks so much for taking the time out of you busy day to read this little story.

Mistress Ghost