~*~*~*~*~*~*: Prologue :*~*~*~*~*~*~

Jerry and Chris sat in their beat up 69' camreo, it was old and beat up but got the job done. They watched her office, waiting till her shift was over, then they'd grab her, like they were paid to do. Hold her hostage till her big brother, also a powerful judge did what the boss wanted, this would convince big brother they meant serious business.

" What is it she does again?" Jerry asked as he stared at the office building.

Chris was irritated with his questions by now but he didn't say anything. Chris Myers was a man of little words. " She fixes and sets up computers for this company." he said as he kept his eyes glued to the front door in which minutes she should be walking out of, then to her car, they'd stop her before she got in and drove off. Chris did his research, she and maybe one more person were in the building, no one was outside but them, no one would hear her being grabbed.

" That sounds boring as hell. You think she's like some boring librarian type?" Jerry asked as he lit a cigarette.

" I don't know Jerry." Chris said sighing. They knew what she looked like, sort of, they had a faded picture but had enough information on her to make sure they got the right girl and have been watching her for the last week but never saw her face, it was always too dark or a shadow in the way.

" Well it doesn't matter to me, she's just a job." Jerry said as he smoked his cigarette. No woman mattered to Jerry Bolt, he was the toughest man you could meet and scary as hell looking but he was also gay. No one knew, the people he worked for, they might kill him if they knew the truth, only Chris knew the truth because one day he found out and Jerry didn't deny it.

Chris didn't say a word, nothing matted but the job, that was his life.

" There she is." Jerry pointed out. Again Chris didn't say anything, he watched her walk out the building and began walking to her car.

" Let's go." Chris said as he got out the car but left the door open. They walked quietly to her car, she didn't hear them coming, no idea.

Jerry grabbed her and covered her mouth before she could scream, he put the white cloth over her mouth and waited till she passed out. " That was easy." Jerry pointed out as he placed her in the back seat, once she was down, Chris tied her hands and feet with rope and covered her mouth with a handkerchief, the street light allowed him to see her faced but still not clearly, she had shoulder length black hair, and she was tall, almost as tall as Jerry who was 5'10.

Chris drove to the house around the forest, there wasn't another house for miles. The house was were they would be holding twenty-three year old Sydney Allen, till her older brother Judge Dillon Allen gave the boss, Jackson Caldwell what he wanted.

They reached the house, Jerry carried her inside to the room that would be hers. All the widows in the house had bars covering them from the outside, there was no way she could fit through there, all the doors, even the front and back door locked from the outside and couldn't be opened unless with a key that only Chris had. Their job as to kidnap Sydney and hold her at the house till a dissension was made.

Jerry untied her and placed her down on the bed as she started to wake up.

Sydney slowly opened her eyes and touched her head, what the hell happened? She wondered as she fully opened her eyes and saw the two men looking at her from the frame of the door, a bedroom door. Her hear began to race, what did they want with her? Were they going to kill her, rape her? All these questions ran through her head.

" I guess you want to know why you're here." Jerry said.

Sydney looked at the two men, she's never seen them before in her life. " That would be a great start." she answered. " what are you going to do to me?" she had to ask, it was gnawing at her.

" Women start to think when they are kidnapped, they're going to be raped, that's not the case here, we're not going to touch you in that way." Jerry explained, he saw the distressed look in her eyes. " We're holding you till your brother cooperates with what our boss wants." he explained.

" I'm being held hostage because of my brother?" Sydney asked with her voice higher then attended. She was scared but now also pissed as hell because her brother's work had nothing to do with her.

" Yeah." Jerry answered. He saw that the girl was tough, he liked that, he was trying to be nice to her because she didn't look like a bad kid, she was just related to the wrong guy.

" Are you going to kill me?" she asked.

" That can't be answered yet." That came from Chris, causing her to look at him for the first time since she opened her eyes. She had really green eyes, unlike her brother Chris met a couple of times.

Sydney laughed, she couldn't believe this was happening to her. " Can I at least now why you picked me?" she asked both of them.

" To get your brother's attention." Jerry said.

Sydney rubbed her forehead, feeling a deadly headache come on. " What did Dillon get himself into now?" she asked. She knew her brother sometimes would get in too deep with people he shouldn't, she and Dillon were close, that's maybe why the picked her to kidnap and not his wife or anyone else around him.

" We can't give you any details." Jerry said as his cell phone rang. " I'll be back." he told Chris.

She looked at the man who barely spoke, his hair was a mix of light and dark blonde, it wasn't short but it wasn't long. He had piecing blue eyes, eyes that had no emotion. He stood against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest and just looked at her.

" Is there a deadline for if I live or die?" Sydney asked him.

" Not yet."

" Well aren't you nice." Sydney sarcastically pointed out as she ran her hand through her hair. Chris's deadly stare and cold voice didn't faze her, nothing really did. Yes, she was scared her life was in danger, but maybe not as scared as she should be. She learned a long time ago how to deal with her emotions and learned how to survive in huge messes, some almost as worse as this.

" It's not my job to be nice." Chris pointed out, he could have stayed quite the way he had many times before but there was something about the way she said that, that made him have to reply.

" And what is your job?" Sydney asked as she crossed her arms and sat with her legs under her, on the bed.

" You ask a lot of questions." Chris said.

" Yeah I've been told that before." Sydney said. Her way of coping with the mess she was in was not realizing how bad it was, not showing fear, being her self and forgetting her life hanged in the balance. She kept looking at Chris. " How old are you? You don't look old enough to be a deadly kidnapper." she said.

" There's an age you have to be? I'm twenty-six." He said. 'Why the hell am I talking to her?' he kept asking himself.

Jerry came back and told Chris the call was nothing to worry about.

" So is there any rules I should maybe know?" Sydney asked, grabbing both the men's attention.

" I've never met anyone as annoying as you." Chris said to her.

" Hey, be nice." Jerry told him. He was shocked that in the little time he was gone, already Sydney and Chris were at each other's necks. No one got to Chris but it seemed Sydney did, that was something new Jerry saw.

" There's no way out." Jerry said to her. " Since there's no way out for you, you have whole access to the house, except the rooms we'll be using." he explained.

" You guys are staying here to huh?" Sydney asked, she didn't like the sound of that. She saw the chubbier one with the shaved head was trying to be nice to her but the really tall one with the intense blue eyes, she disliked him a great deal.

" Up stairs there's two rooms that are ours. We'll be staying with you till told otherwise." Jerry explained.

" Thanks for trying to be nice about it, unlike some people." Sydney said. " Since I'm in this mess and so are you I guess, can I know your names?" she asked.

Jerry nodded. " Jerry and this is Chris." he said.

" Why do you want our names?" Chris asked her.

" To know who I'm talking to. Like right now, Jerry, thanks for not being a total dick, unlike Chris." Sydney said as she shot Chris as nasty look. She again should be scared, they were holding her hostage but they couldn't do anything to her, yet, but she decided not to worry about what's to come, she might freak out, she knew freaking out wouldn't help in the least bit.

" What happened while I was gone?" Jerry asked as he looked at Chris then to Sydney.

" Nothing."