My dreams are lying on your bedroom floor,
Shattered and broken, nothing more.
I'm so scared 'coz I think I'm in love,
Do you feel the same? Don't pretend tough.

My thoughts are buried within the mist,
The last place where we shared a kiss.
Reflected off the bathroom mirrors,
Shadows and memories, laughter and tears.

My body has stayed within your bed,
Hiding in covers, where clothes shed.
Where sweat molds with the hot skin,
Where the magic truly does begin.

My soul is trapped within your heart,
And I know it shall now never part.
And although you don't love me back,
I know it's not of love that you lack.

Just hold my hand and say you do,
Kiss my lips and say it's true.
Because no matter how you truly feel,
My dreams are broken, nothing's real.

By Siobhan
Date: 18/may/2004