Nothing is real
Nothing is right
I can't find the courage
To fight the true fight
I want to let go
I just can't hold on
But I can't give up yet
I know I must be strong
I'll go away to battle
With my heart upon my sleeve
I carry memories with me
Just enough to help me breathe
I take with me your trinket
Of gold and locks of hair
And to you I give my heart and soul
A token to show I care
I may be gone a long time
Or I may be gone for good
So carry on without me
Like you promised that you would
And if I should fail
And fall to the dark
You know that I'll be with you
Just look into your heart
When you need guidance
Or when you need love
Just look to the heavens
Where I look down from above
You must carry on regardless
And when your time is over
I pledge that we will meet again
In the field of grass and clover
And there I'll hold you in my arms
When love and death embrace
And behold what I had left behind
Forever in that place.