It brushes my mind like the briefest of thoughts
A flash of an image for no reason brought
Suddenly I know, a memory not mine
I have the knowledge of where a hidden treasure might lie

No more than a glimpse through eyes that aren't mine
Scared to delve deeper, of what I might find
A gift and a blessing or an unwanted curse?
Is using this talent for better or worse.

Ask me the question and the answer may form
Though I know not from where the knowledge is borne
I may hold the key to whatever you seek
But ask not too much; the gift is yet week.

Knowledge is power and power to tame
Is it worth the training for what I may gain?
What may I learn as more time goes by?
What if I come to see someone die?

What if I see something I cannot change?
Ignorance is bliss, but that seems so strange
Why give the power if not to be used?
What if I go wrong and my gift is abused?

Though now and forever I shall continue this plight
I thank the Lord and the Lady for this gift of Sight
I hope I can prove that the gift's not replaced
I hope I remain worthy of their blessing and grace.

I live not in fear of what I may see
For life is predestined, what will be will be
The Sight is a warning - the chance to prepare
So if it can't be changed, then I need not despair.

Let me end with a blessing, bring this rhyme to a close
For what lies ahead of us, nobody knows
But farewell for now, I wish you the best
Enjoy life always, by Goddess be blessed.