Just when
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: This is something that I just came up with. I really hope you guys and
gals like it. It's basically a poem about getting to a point in your life
where everything makes you sick, and you just want to end it all someway.
However there's one person that pulls you out of the stink that you're in,
and gives you a much-needed wake up call. So I hope you like it, if
not...then...um...you can bite me. (smiles) Kidding. Ok I'll shut up now
and let you all read.

Just when I was about to give up
Just when I could suffer no more
Just when I was about to end it all
Just when life became a bore

Just when I couldn't cry anymore
Just when my heart shattered
Just when life was not so great
Just when life didn't matter

Just when I was about to give up
Just when life got a little tough
Just when hate entered my heart
Just when I had had enough

Just when love hated me
Just when I believed in nothing
Just when I believed in spite and envy
Just when I was in fear of something

Just when I believed all the lies
Just when I decided to hate
Just when you came around
And showed me that's its not too late

You've asked me not to give up
Thanks to you, the sufferings gone away
I no longer wish to end it all
With you, life's better this way

You've dried all of my tears
You've rebuilt my heart anew
My life has a new meaning now
My life's better because of you

You didn't dare let me give up
You helped me make it through
You made me forget about the hate in my heart
For that I sincerely thank you

You've shown me a love that's so divine
You gave me something to believe
Spite and envy are things of the past
And the fear's finally leaving

You finally showed me the truth
That with love I would be freed
Just when I needed you the most
You came in my time of need

Just when you came around
Just when you shared
You came just in the nick of time
And showed me that you really care

Sup everybody. I just wanted to know if anybody noticed that the second
part of the poem coincides with the first half?? Just wondering. Well don't
forget to review. It'll make me happy. TTFN.